Touched by an Angel

Just like every day I went through the soul curry column of Times of India. There is something very touching about this column. May be its uniqueness lies in the ordinarily life. We all yearn for exceptional moments and when they come to people like us, they become more appealing. And one such soul tale touched me too. The article was named To Shikha, withlove. As usual I thought it was some sort of love letter. But when I opened it I realized it was more than that. I don’t know how often people go about finding lives of their author. But I am one such person who very often offends the privacy of my authors.

I read the name at the bottom and started searching. To my very surprise I didn’t found the face of my author on Facebook. So second thing I did was I made a combination of her information and goggled it. As we all know nobody understand us better then Google God 😉

Yippee I hit the bull’s eye. I found her not in actual way but in the form of various articles. All the articles were pointing to same protagonist. So obviously now my interest got shifted from the author to the protagonist .The bitter truth is now days no body writes on you until you are exceptional person and the protagonist seemed to be one. I started hopping from one article to other in search of her. Finally after roaming through lot of webpages I reached to my destined place. Oblomov’s Sofa . The name itself holds the key of protagonist life. Let me clear up you guys she just is not protagonist, she is Shikha…my angel who has left this beautiful earth for wonderful abode up there. Every day like ritual I peek into her blog column, reading her and try to understand her thoughts. She was such a good writer that I always feel why I didn’t I reach her space before. May be I could also have become part of her memory.

So many times there are people who without their knowledge inspire you in so many ways. She was an angel because she has opened a new spectrum of writing knowledge for me. There is so much to learn from the way she wrote. I know I will keep going to her place but if after some time I don’t then she will live in my articles till the time I part of mother earth.

“When two people are on a journey, there will be miles when they will fall silent, but that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be traveling together.”


                                 Shikha Chhabra

                        03 September 1990 – 12 April 2015

For Shikha with Love ❤

P.S : Pic credit to her friends on article shikha-obtiuary .

P.P.S : Thanks to Riya Sen for writing such a beautiful article for her friend and sharing it on soul curry. 🙂

Note : To thank her I wrote same article for soul curry column of The Times Of India named : Touched by an Angel


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