There is no word in the dictionary that could describe my feelings for you.

But still I try really hard to put it together.

When I was in dark you tied my life with little thread of love.

The thread that was our first connection took care of all my needs.

I wanted to play within my space knowing little that this will give you hell lot of pain.

But still you allowed me, bearing all my kicks and moves.

And the toughest time was, when I asked you to let me enter in your world.

You have put your life at stake, to give me breaths of my own.

From that day on you have done every possible thing to bring smile on my face.

I have been a child with demands but you fulfilled the ones that were urgent and necessary.

You were my first teacher and the best one too.

It was you who taught me the know how’s of this life and I still rely on those teachings.

You listened to me day and night; caress me when I felt distracted and lonely.

Helped me finding solutions of the problem I faced in my life.

You supported me even knowing that I may fail you.

You fought with the world to prove my worth to all those who mattered to me.

This is just a snippet of what I owe to you.

But on this Mother’s Day I just want to say “THANK YOU” for being my mother.

P.S- This is dedicated to my Maa and to other mother’s of the World.

Note: Every year Mother’s Day fall on second Sunday of May . This time it’s on 10th May.

Don’t forget to wish your MAA. Make her feel special on this day (the thing that she has done all her life).



6 thoughts on “A TOUCH OF LOVE

    1. I just tried 🙂 No words can justify their selfless love 🙂 but I again wrote a Hindi translation of this one for my mom 🙂 in a letter 🙂 And She was touched 🙂 that was my gift 🙂
      thank you 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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