I was DESTINED to meet You

Even before i could realize, you entered in my world…

unnoticed , unheard …an eye from a far end..

You kept waiting for me …when i was busy walking with others.

You kept watching me ….when i was immersed in my talks.

You walked behind me …. silentiously… just leaving the impression of the footprints.

To make me realize that amidst this hideous visual cacophony, occasional insights could be observed.

You made me realize that I may try to run away …i may try to hide …

But how ever , how much I try …I cannot escape from you.

And I accepted the truth that I have rendezvous with you.

Rendezvous is not the end point, instead it’s the symbol of a new beginning.

It’s the rendezvous what everyone is searching for ….consciously or unconsciously…

With this unconscious desire…i searched my inner self…

A peep into my soul ….an insight of my core….

Realizing ….I was Destined to meet YOU …. 🙂

“People destined to meet will do so, apparently by chance, at precisely the right moment.”


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