Just a thought for my thoughts


Sitting on my office desk I sometime try to recollect the past events and think of the impressions imprinted so far in my beautiful life. Sometimes things happen just in a spur of the moment … Yes things you never thought of, do occur in your life. Some name it tragedy …some call it accident …others may move on labeling it as a bad experience but some like me (high on optimism potion) call it memoirs.

The reflection of our past often plays a vital role in our present. But tell me how often we stop our running clocks and push the rewind button to know what went wrong with our perfect – O world…hmm…Tough task in today’s world …when all of us are busy in clicking the refresh button instead off revert .Than analyzing our work sounds quiet boring .So we jump on to the old method of learning from others experience. But I think you can’t judge the depth of the pool until you dive into it. In spite of our closeness we can’t have same experiences for same situation. …we can think alike but can’t think same.

Now in this world of busy bees we learn one more term “survival “. So now for our survival we cope up with the deep levels of the life-pool…some time by flipping …some time by peddling …sometime by dragging ourselves with the help of external force…But there are few who get lost in this fight for “survival of the fittest” and get drowned .So whatever medium we choose 90 % of time we come out unharmed physically but bruised internally. These bruises could become our strength if we try to clean up our bruises on our own …But why to take so much pain when you have people around you ,who sits beside you and help you in cleaning up your created mess. And yes we do enjoy the special treatment.

 But with time you start realizing that no body can compensate your existence in this world. So you start searching the element of joy for your mind, body and soul. So if all this game of life is about realizing your true self than why don’t we try to understand our own self and learn to implement the required changes in our life. Now you will think there is nothing new in all this instead this is all that you have been doing so far but it’s just not about implementing the changes .It’s about studying all the situations that have occurred so far and made us the person we are .Analyzing the situations is very important so that we don’t repeat our mistakes.

We need to understand the simplest concept that Happiness and pain are part of our life and we do have to cope up with them. So it’s good that we realize our passion for life and make it our sword to win this world. There is a very famous quote: ‘Don’t mistake the weather for the sky’ (Kirtana – The Train Song) .This means that we can get caught up in the pain and drama of life and its emotional ups and downs. We get seduced into believing that our personal ‘stories’ are the truth, that our reactions to life’s challenges are unavoidable, and that tumult is the nature of existence. But take time to stop, look deeper and recognize what this ‘weather’ is taking place in. Be still and recognize that who and what you are is the ‘sky’, the infinite context in which the play of life unfolds. Who you really are is untouched by life’s coming and going, you can rest as that essence. I know all this sound too philosophical but when you read them twice or thrice you will know what these lines emphasize on. And you too will start pondering…just like that 🙂


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