From the age of “aao babu cinema dekhene chale” to the era of multiplexes….many things have changed but the crazy fans still love to swim in the sea of emotions with the stars….be it the rise of a new star or the demise of a legend..

“Zindagi kaise h pehele haye …kabhi yeh hasaaye ..kabhi yeh rulyaye …” I could define my tenure @kec in this one line . But hey wait the line again …It reminds us of a legendary superstar walking on beach ..bare feet…enjoying his last days of life. RAJESH KHANNA urf ‘kaka’ was the first actor to be tagged as a ‘superstar’ , a star with charismatic personality…The best lover onscreen wid the tunes of “mere sapno ki rani kab aayegi tu..”…A man whose dialogue …“I Hate Tears pushpa”…have been applied by many guys on their crying girlfriends…:P…But it still works for them even after 50 yrs …..its the influence of “ANAND” every Bengali became “aye babu moshay”…J..and “Zindagi ek safar hai suhana “ is still sung while bike rides…J…finally has now left us now with tears “zindagi ke safar mein bichad jate h jo mukam wo phir nai aate…” came later but “yaahoooo Chahe koi mujhe junglee kahe ..kehta h toh ji kehta rahe “ came much before….Credit goes SHAMMI KAPOOR who made all of us jumpy monkeys …He made every girl stop with this.. “Badan par sitare lapete hue..”. His teachings extend to the guys still singing “yeh chand sa roshan chehra zulfo ka rang sunehra…”…and the gals adoring themselves as “Kashmir ke kali ”.

“Mard ko dard nahi hota”…a popular phrase executed by guys. Remember.. How are the toughest man DARA SINGH would have said these lines” …A man whom I remember as hanuman uncle from childhood days…A man who brought WWF to our homes …And made every girl a victim of their brother’s so called practice punches… 😛

“Fullo ka taro ka sabka kehna h ek hazaro mere behna h” …Song every brother sings when they have to ask for some favours from their not so loving ever fighting sisters…:P…He encouraged a lot many guys with new ways by singing “koi hume pal bhar ke lia pyaar kar le… .”He was the first man who has it all….Acting, Direction and Production …He always said ….“When you are at an impressionable age you make idols. But when you grow out of the phase, you develop your own persona. I don’t want to be known as India’s Gregory Peck, I am DEV ANAND”…Has now left us still dancing with the tunes “dum ma ro dum mit jaye gum…bolo subah shamm hare krishna hare

We as a kid grew up seeing pictures of our parents in styles of these legends …And we still love those pictures …They acted not for money but because of their passion. It was their eyes which spoke…They not made films they created pieces of mastery in their own way…Hats off to them …

“Legends never Die they live in the hearts of their ever loving fans”.


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