Sitting beside him was always a privilege for me, these very moment always leave a smile on my face. It’s raining outside ….quiet romantic & adding fuel to this fire of romance ….”tip-tip barsa pani” a very famous romantic track is being played in the background .I always enjoy these long drives but today I am not feeling the same …the weather was quiet cool …the music was awesome…and the guy beside me was too perfect but I suppose I’m not that perfect for everything around me. He held my hand, and looked into my eyes but suddenly I felt a pang in my heart remembering those words yes the words…I never knew that sum words could hurt you to such an extent, that it not only disturbs you but shuffle the pages of your life and rotate it to 360 degrees .But see this is what we call vanity of all vanities…the question we always avoid to answer become the key to the lock of the garden called life. I still remember it was 14th February and I was too happy as it was my 1st valentine day with him. Everything was too romantic… I could smell the love in the air. I was wearing a red dress… I know it’s quiet over the top but you never know falling in love could make you a zombie person and that too your 1st love. I was coming out of my office hurriedly as it was already 5pm. And he hates it when I get late for a date. Suddenly a girl of ordinary looks came into my way and said … Are u “@#$%& “ ,I need to talk with u…ignoring her I said “See …I’m in hurry right now I can’t talk… lets meet sum other day, And started moving towards my car…..then I heard “STOP”. It was not an order instead a plea. And suddenly I stopped, turned around to see her .She was walking towards me and then their she stood in front of me showing me her ring finger carrying a beautiful diamond studded platinum ring. With this act came the heart wrenching words from her that not only tore my heart but blew my mind leaving the burnt marks. “Being someone’s love is quiet easy but being someone’s life is different ,love shows the emotional you but its life which give you the power to break the shutters of closed shops .I’m the latter because I’m the reality…and you the prior one …often called as  “THE OTHER WOMAN”. The stream of tears rolled down from my eyes wetting my cheeks….and in pain I groaned “STOP“!! He stopped the car. I looked towards him and said…”Walking down with you on this road I never felt that it would fill my life with such pleasant memories. And I think the container of memories has reached to the condition “overflowed”. I need to move on as being “THE OTHER WOMAN”. With these last three words the rain of tears covered my cheeks and I moved out of the car. He kept continuously yelling my name…but I have become deaf to other noises of the other people.

All those who think I was wrong better need to know…these three words have impacted my past but I won’t let them hamper my future…So with the loving memories of my love in my heart I kept moving towards my unknown destination.



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