The Zephyr sway me…

every time I look into those eyes.

They take me to a different world

where I become a Zombie gal,paralyzed by that dimpled smile

Its Zany…that we are again

on the same Colosseum ,dancing to the tunes of marvelous world.

I’m Zonked and we decide to stroll …

the old roman road…the sacred path of love.

Suddenly I Zapped , stumbled in my studs arms…

the bullet has just crossed me.

And we saw the Zeppelin with its aircrew…

and he took me by his side

and in seconds of blink,with one stroke of sword he did it.

Than he held my hand,

showing me the different shades of life..

And at that very moment I was at Zenith.

Eventually the world around me started Zooming…

everything got blurred….I was thrashed back to the reality.

I got up with a new Zest,to fulfill my dreams

And bringing my Armour of fickle desires to my beautiful world.



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