The never lying TRUTH


The time was to say “goodbye” but yet i was not prepared…

becoming the simpleton believing the unbelievable

Never knew biding someone could be a gamut…

I groaned with pain, never letting you know what I was

really going through…

From an acquaintance to someone special…

you really struck me…

And then I saw you coming towards me…

…but I just kept gazing at you vacuously.

I wanted to hold this moment forever

not just in my eyes …but in my heart..

And you were watching my expression with a wry

amusement and then suddenly …

I felt that it was a DEJA-VU.

Coming back to my senses, I congratulated you on

“four de force” of yours and you smiled …

Becoming an anodyne for me…for few seconds…

I wanted to yell…but just gasped…

I wanted to hug you…kiss you…the more is

I really wanted to seduce you…

Then I looked into your eyes and for the first time..

I saw the vestige of truth

And you alibied for leaving me….

in this lonely world..

I looked away, peering through the murk hoping to hear

the last few words of the untold truth

and then it happened in spur of moments,

you came near to me ……

kissing my tears as if drinking water from an ocean..

and then you sealed it with our final kiss..

I know you would never return

but I’m happy being an martyr’s widow…

 At times I still dwell with the thought of

hearing the three unspoken magical words…

from you my angel


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