The Pink Coral

I am walking towards the big door. I slow down my pace so that no one in the house notices my entrance. I could see from a distance the beautiful stone carved bronze colored lock.


Swiftly moving ahead…I looked around…its kohl dark everywhere. I started perspiring, yet I didn’t slow my speed… the bronze piece would unlock my daunting past. Sometimes it happens in our life to kill one enemy we have to befriend the other one. Suddenly I hear some noise… oh I mean the voices… the familiar ones… right away from the dining hall.

I feel numb, what will happen if someone finds me here, but the voices dies away that Means everybody has signed off to their room. I hurried towards my destination before anyone turns up. And now I am standing here in front of the door, the one where I stand every night at this hour from last 20 years… But today was a different day… I have hit the jackpot… got the pin of the secured coded path… now the distance of few steps is lying between me and the TRUTH. .. Yes the AGONIZING TRUTH.

I put the keys in the lock my heartbeat is increasing with every turn of the key on the lock. Never knew that hidden truth behind this unlocked door would change my life forever. Slowly, slowly I unbolted the door. It creaks… my heart skips a beat… the flashback of all the years that I have stood on the other side imagining the hidden path started playing in front of my eyes. The door flings and what I see ?

I gasped…. and woke up… my bed is wet… I am sweating very hard…. but that night behind that door changed me forever and ever….



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