The Last Song of Dusk

Sprinkle of orange fills the blue sky

Chirping of birds seems to die.

I watch the glimpse of drowning aubade

Feeling gloomy carrying this spade.

My boots hit the dry leaves on the ground

Making pleasing rustling sound.

Standing here I keep thinking why did , I do this to you

For years you were my only family , you know that too.

But then I remember the time you left me for that man

Turning me into the python spewing venom clan.

I look straight and saw a dark and narrow pathway lay ahead

I need to hurry up and bury the dead.

In the prevailing silence I hear your voice

A beautiful lullaby , of my choice.

With drowning sunlight, I dig your grave

Frighten I am for sure , but need to be brave.


A last look at your corpse

I shudder with pain and I am filled with remorse.

My lovely lady, now your soul rests in its eternal home

Your admirable body has become food of worms.

You made me laugh a little, but you made me cry a lot harder

Should I be happy as you have left me for the better.

I try to control my rolling tears

My heart beats aloud as my lips murmurer the prayer.

I hear the song on my way back

Remembering my childhood shack.

Where you are singing, our last song of dusk

My darling baby , smell’s of a musk.


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