Let me embrace you

Looking out of my window pane, I see a blackened sheet


With it, I hear an outburst… A sign that you are on your way

As usual, you are accompanied by cold current and a pleasant petrichor

I extend my hand out of my window to touch your gentle drops


Scanning my palm, I find pearls of joy

Smiling dimly, like a child who has found his lost toy

You brought me back the forgotten memories

Soon I am filled with melancholy

With it you too, slow down your pace

Giving me time to wipe my tears away

I glare at your tiny droplets with wry smile

Beautiful girl looks out of the window. On its lips an easy smile, and behind a window a rain.

Realizing that you are going away

But before you leave, let me embrace you for a while

Let me embrace you with tears of smile.

Let US embrace before, our relationship turns hostile.

Girl standing in rain with face to sky

8 thoughts on “Let me embrace you

  1. It was such a beautiful and refreshing piece of poetry. Loved the imagery you painted with you words. Even without the pictures, the images your words drew would have floated in front of the eyes. 🙂


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