Don’t blame me, for things I have not done.

Don’t accuse me, for the races that I haven’t won.

Don’t criticize me, for the decisions I have taken.

Don’t incriminate me, because your dreams are broken.

Don’t disapprove me, as I am not awakened.

Don’t disfavor me, because you think your life is shaken.

Don’t complain against me, as I cannot be what you thought to be.

Don’t attack me, because you are no longer free.

Don’t implicit me, of unfaithfulness towards our relation.

Don’t defile me because of your insecurity and wrong interpretation.

Don’t charge me, of the crimes I haven’t committed.

Don’t denounce me, because I was love addicted.

Don’t do anything for me fellow human.

Just allow me to love myself a little more as a woman.


Note: This poem is to depict that sometime we blame others mercilessly and forget that time takes its revenge and we would be blamed for things we never did. So never blame others and take charge of your own life.


18 thoughts on “DON’T

    1. It wasn’t dear 🙂 For clarification you can look up at the note part 😛 b/w except the last line all lines i written keeping all human in mind 🙂


  1. I love the way you ended it.
    “Just allow me to love myself a little more as a woman ”

    “Weak I may look, stronger I’m
    Scared I may look, fearless I’m,

    Sweet may be my voice,
    Raging it is from inside.

    Let it be, let me drown
    In my own world
    In peace and nothing to worry
    Don’t wake the demons inside.

    The day, that day
    When you cross the line,
    You will be sorry you ever bothered to look at me ”

    PS: I think I messed this up, so sorry. I apologise if I have ruined your post.

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    1. Wow dear 🙂 it is perfect i was thinking that this poem is somewhat in complete but your beautiful lines added charm to it 🙂 I will work on these lines and add them in the poem 🙂

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