Peeping into gentleman’s world


Just a day after the end of oldest tennis tournament in the world, held in the city of Thames, I thought of entering my perspective to it. I was always an RF (Roger Federer) fan even though I never watched him playing. But yes, I always kept a count of grand slams he was winning or who the new player I should envy being a real fan.


And recently a change appeared where from being picture fan, I became his game fan. The reason behind this leap of change was my dear hubby who is an avid follower of tennis. In start of our after marriage period he taught me the nuisances of love (i.e. is equal to 0 in tennis) by playing aces (legal serve that is not touched by the receiver) and deuces (that a player needs two consecutive points to win the game) with me 😉  I beamed with happiness for my quick grab of knowledge just like the ones from IIN (Idea Internet Network) advertisement 😀


After hearing some dialogs of Vijay Amritraj, I waited for entry of RF and meanwhile I thought of peeping into the guest box of both the players. Amongst the guest were the two rival coaches Boris Becker (Novak Djokovic) and Stefan Edberg (RF) cheering up for their respective players. RF’s wife Mirka who was not accompanied by their cute twin daughter’s (now she has delivered twin sons too) leading to my utter disappointment as this time I thought of having a look at their son’s too so that I can label them as cute too 😉  but as I haven’t seen them I won’t do that as you can see I am not biased person 😛 .RF’s parents were their too. Djokovic newly wedded wife Jelena who too have delivered their first child (looking at her figure you will rub it as a rumour: P) and Djokovic’s mother.

aren’t they cute ??


There entered the world’s two best tennis players in the center court of All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club.

gentlemanEach having his own sheer strength and weaknesses, giving nervous looks with a smirk waving towards the cheering audiences. The game started with RF taking the pace ahead of ND (Novak Djokovic) but was chased out by ND, leading to the defeat of first set with 7-6.

playing_rf playing_nd

Though RF started with slow start ended up winning the second set with 6-7. But there on every loss and every gain of RF made the cheering supporter‘s nervous and happy at times respectively. Their amongst the cheering audience varied from actress Kate Winslet (lead in Titanic) to actor Benedict Cumberbatch(Sherlock Holmes’s Fame) ,Bradley Cooper(American Sniper) to Anna Wintour(Chief Editor of The Vogue) who all were cheering for RF.

Quiet a guest list 🙂

kate_winslet hugh_grant cumbermatch cubersum Anna-Wintour

Nevertheless the prayer and strength of ND were quiet strong as he won the Final with a score won 7-6(1), 6-7(10), 6-4, 6-3 in two hours and 56 minutes. The game was brought to an end by yelling ND in happiness and bowing down to complete his winning ritual of eating the ground grass.



The ceremony started with his highness prince Charles awarding the runner-up trophy to RF (making me really sad 😦 ) and the winner trophy to ND with his name inscribed on it . But here come the real gentlemen part of the game where both the players said some real gentleman stuff about each other.

RF : “I think Novak played not only great today but the whole two weeks, plus the whole year, plus last year, and the year before that. He deserves it. Well done, Novak”! “That’s how it goes. He was tougher on the big points and he was solid at the end.”

ND : “I have to say it’s always a great privilege playing against Roger. He’s a great champion, he’s done so much for our sport on and off court.””He makes you push your limits. He makes you work hard to earn every single point. In the back of my mind that added a little bit of pressure.”


This made me smile at the end of the day because the true sportsmanship is about praising the highs of other and accepting your lows. It’s not when you take your aggression out by beating the other player or using the derogatory remarks against each other. It’s taking pride in the conduct of your behavior toward others.

PS: Indian players specially the cricketers should learn something from these gentlemen.

PPS: Will see you again RF 🙂


10 thoughts on “Peeping into gentleman’s world

  1. I had watched this match and it was hard to watch RF lose after such an exciting series. I thought that his backhand was his Achilles’s heel and it was exposed repeatedly during the match. He’s a consummate professional, but I was really impressed with how ND praised him afterwards. Great stuff!

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    1. Thanks Rob 🙂 I am sorry for replying so late 😦 and yes it’s high time that RF start working on his back hand and build up some stamina to run for those rallies 😉 which are high points of ND 🙂


  2. Aaah…back to my childhood! Thanks NJ – not just for a lovely post but taking me back to my childhood. And your keen observations, especially about the wives and kids (Being women how can we miss these trivia!) – bang on! It is really admirable when women take time to write about sports and so an added pat from me. Keep enthralling!! Love All!!

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    1. Finally … I wrote a piece that caught your attention and made you comment on my blog space 😛 . And yes we women are multitaskers 😉 observing so many things at a time 😛 …
      I am Glad that I was able to revive your childhood memories 🙂 Thank you so much for your precious comment …hugs and kisses :-* ❤

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh that’s the curious case of sunshine 😉 between I also joined WordPress recently so it will take you some time to get familiar with it’s features :). I am glad that my blog is your first read as a follower 😀

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  3. I am a Roger fan too, even though his glory days are quite far gone.
    An engaging read, and I agreed with you on the post script, cricket and football players look like cavemen in front of these two, especially when they are playing in the white and elite atmosphere of Wimbeldon.
    Mustve been quite an experience!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I totally agree with you udit 🙂 but what RF has done for his game can’t be compared with anyone 🙂 That’s why he is often referred as The great Federer 😀
      And yes watching tennis game is much more pleasurable then any other game 😀 between I hope to see this game someday sitting by the court side 😉

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