An Autobiography of Wandering Soul

I always wanted to share my feelings with people. It’s just that I never got the chance to do so. I am just normal thing out their searching for the reason of my existence. My story of birth and survival is long and a bit boring too. But yet I have decided to tell my tale. I was born…Sorry I could not state the exact year as I got separated from my parents at the birth. I was fortunate enough as I got adopted. My foster-mother told me that she got enchanted by my charm. I was a little tiny body wrapped up in ice blue, from then on this color has become part of my individuality. Later on my foster parents had their own child and I was left in their store-room. Lying there in a forgotten world, I decided to search about my being in this world. I started out by finding my ancestral history which was searching people to listen their tale. Our lineage was some 3500 years old from the deserts of ancient Egypt. And then around the 11th century BC some of them moved to China and again out of their exploring attitude some of them got settled in ancient Greece and Rome during 1st millennia BC. But after the fall of the Roman Empire around 5th century AD, they disappeared from public appearances. It was only after 16th and 17th century, they spread to France, Italy and England. And after that this world has become their home. Now that’s quite an interesting history, isn’t it?

So finally I knew from where I came but I still didn’t know where I belonged. Let me tell you, living a life of negligence was not an easy task. I slid into darkness from which only an angel could bring me out. And for me that angel came in form of a beautiful eighteen year old cousin of mine (my aunt’s daughter) who took pity on my state and begged my mother to give my hand in her’s . In official terms she now became my responsible guardian. Under her guardianship I blossomed like flower, accompanying her to every place she visited. She became part of my life or rather I should say she became my life. But my happiness didn’t last too long, my sunshine got engaged to her longtime boyfriend. I hoped that she will take me to her new home but her husband denied it. Day before her marriage we both cried hugging each other, she with loud groans and smiling tears and I with heavy heart and unseen tears. I again became a restless soul and hid myself in my cocoon of dullness.

One day my aunt found me lying on her bed, while cleaning my cousin’s room. She decided that I should now move out of this house as my guardian angel is no longer staying with them. But she was kind enough to take my responsibility and find a new home for me. From then on she posted various advertisements on various sites for my adoption. After a long time her desperate search for my new home or I should say new shed ended. I again landed up in a new home with a new guardian. But this time I don’t expect anything out of anyone. I have learned one thing while living with these people, that no strings attached relation is the best one. Now again, I go with my owner (as I like to call them) to her office every day with a smile. She is kind enough to give me a smile every morning when she holds my hand and take me with her. I now know that my destiny lies in being the wanderer of the world, living a life of non-living in the living world.


Ice Blue Umbrella

P.S: I wrote this piece thinking of what if an umbrella had a soul . Have you ever thought about any non-living thing in this way ?? If yes, then please share your thoughts in comments section . I would be really glad to hear your take on this 🙂

PPS: I am now a proud guardian of an Ice Blue Umbrella 🙂


40 thoughts on “An Autobiography of Wandering Soul

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 I am glad that you felt connected with it 🙂 Some times our weird thoughts can make us write good pieces 🙂


  1. I have to read this post thousand times to understand each word like a deep profound meaning in them.

    Let me say sorry i could not understood whole thing once.

    What ever i have understood so far is enough for many days to contemplate.

    I don’t know how to react?

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    1. I can get what you want to say 🙂 Its just that every day while I travel for my work it accompanies me and I use to see it and think what if I put a soul in my umbrella and wrote that rendezvous of its soul 🙂 Its weird thought I know 😛 but it needed to come out of mind 🙂 The history I talked about is ..the history of umbrella how they came into existence and to make it quite alluring I added the fictional part 🙂

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  2. Interesting personification of the blue umbrella. Liked reading about its lineage. I think though an umbrella is better off without a soul looking at the way it breaks every monsoon braving the rain and wind. 🙂 I tend to personify nature while writing haikus.


    1. Thank you for liking the idea 🙂 Yeah i understand that we can’t or shouldn’t personify each and every thing around us ..that way they loose the charm 🙂 But as it’s monsoon time i couldn’t keep my mind away from my umbrella which shelter’s me everyday 🙂

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  3. Well, who could have though about an umbrella’s soul? I have this uncanny habbit of keeping back old things just in case ‘they’ feel bad! I am so glad that some one else too seeks for a ‘her’ in ‘it’! Such a warm and beautiful piece this is! I just L=O-V-E-D it !!

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    1. Some weird thoughts need to be out of your mind…aren’t we here just for it 😉 loved that some one shared my view of seeing things differently 🙂 I am so glad that you liked it 🙂 ❤

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