A hand of humanity

A month back, while I was crossing the road to take an auto for getting back to home from office. A hand stretched out towards me for help. I looked up to see the owner of the hand. An elderly woman of my mother’s age was murmuring something that I couldn’t figure out. The only thing that hit me at that time was to hold her hand. I gave my hand to her and she held it. The entwined fingers made two hands one and we crossed the road. As soon as we reached the other end she left my hand but she left a mark on my soul. Both of us smiled at each other she thanked me in her language that I didn’t understand. But her eyes spoke volumes, showcasing the love and gratitude. This one incident hit me so hard that I decided to write about it here on my blog in the form of poetry.


Amidst the crowd of numerous hands holding can of worms,

The hand of humanity stands aloof, not following the set of norms.

A hand which sets humans apart from the other mortals,

Is now long forgotten, in the chase of morsel.

It cries lying under the heap of ruins,

And its red tears are making the melancholic tunes.

The love for the worldly affairs has stimulated its slow death.

Sucking away its soul and leaving it to struggle for the normal breath.

It’s time to realize the heinous crime we all have done,

Killing the human hands with the power of gatling gun.

Once again we need to explore our concise,

Yes, we need to revive the dying love and pay the price.

The only thing we all can give to our mother earth,

A promise to constitute a world of humanity that will increase its worth.

Note : This is my entry for the challenge Giveaway Contest!

The challenge has been thrown by Blair 🙂 . Do check her out , she has a beautiful collection of poetry with different flavors of emotions .

34 thoughts on “A hand of humanity

  1. An amazing piece! Excellent work. There is inspiration everywhere if we just take the time to see it. I have a deep passion for supporting the needy, and that support doesn’t always come in the form of money or possessions. A simple smile, conversation or touch if love and effectivness can be the difference maker in someone’s else’s life; amd provide just the inspiration needed to author a work of art such as this. Kudos.

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 very well said the act of love couldn’t be defined by monetary help or gifts 🙂 its much deeper sometime people don’t need your money …they need someone who could feel them and be compassionate towards them 🙂

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  2. Whether for a contest or not… This one deserves a bow Neerja.. You are amazing in poetry too.. The words are sharp and it really hits the heart..
    Lets give a hand to humanity.. 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank so much honey ❤ .. Your appreciation means a lot to me 🙂 Sometimes a single incident become catalyst for the series of thoughts and you have to pour them out to feel free 🙂 I am glad you understood my feelings 🙂 I always think that we need to do our bit of effort for humanity 🙂

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