Weekly Limerick Challenge 11 :SUPRISE


When life surprises you, with its might.

The art is to take, it all, with sheer delight.

There will be times, when you will start losing hope.

And you will think that, you can no more, cope.

It is then, that you have to put up the fight.

As the year draws to an end 🙂 Our journey of 2015 too, gets completed 🙂 A chapter of life is going to get over soon..in next few days. Before it leaves us all, I like to congratulate all of us, for putting up a brave fight against all odds and having our own struggle and survival story of the year 🙂 Like it’s said:

“To each his own”  

Be brave 🙂 Keep the spirit high for the coming up year 🙂

Stay Happy 🙂 Stay Blessed 🙂


This is my entry for this week’s Limerick Challenge created my Rashmi

PC : For picture one : trojantopher.wordpress.com

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