3-days quotes-challenge-Day 1

I was nominated for this challenge in year 2015 , but due to my busy schedule I couldn’t take it up.

So here I am, up with this challenge in year 2016.

The Dear Gursimran kaur of Rum-n-Raisins was my nominator.

She has beautiful perspective of life, wonderful photography skills and inspiring heart to motivate others.So if you haven’t yet followed her up, this is your chance to do so.

As the year started , I saw many of my reader friends taking up reading challenge. I too thought of taking it up but refrained. I introspected myself and realized my motive of reading is to loose my self in books, to grasp the essence of it while coming out being a better person ,improved writer and knowledgeable reader. I have tried reading haphazardly but it never did me any good. So, I chose to read few so that I can melt myself in mesmerizing world of words as butter melts in our mouth.

So for this challenge I would cite three beautiful quotes on reading.


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