Who is Mary Sue?? You don’t know her yet ??? How come you can write a book without knowing her ?? So all fellas …who are churning out a book there:)jump in 😉 Read the post by my lovely author friend Deepika ❤

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Mary Sue

I admit I didn’t know what a Mary Sue was up until a couple of months ago. How many of you do? I won’t be surprised if you all raise your hands but if you’re still in the dark, especially fellow amateur novelists and authors, it’s crucial you know what it is before you set out to sketch a plot around the protagonist you’ve given birth to.

Okay, let’s start off with the basics. So you’ve created this girl (you can read that as ‘boy’ too) whom you’re very excited to write about. You can’t deny you fall in love with the character and you want the audience to love her too. You want the readers to feel for the character and wish that whatever she does ends in welfare and that she shouldn’t be sad ever again in her life.

That’s the prime need that grows in you and…

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