Books and Memories:Day 2 of A-Z Challenge

You’re never alone when you’re reading a book.”― Susan Wiggs

How perfect 🙂 A reader always have a company either of people or of pages 🙂 The latter is understood but the former would be brow  raising query.

Today to elaborate the former I will unleash a memory of book reading journey 🙂

On a foggy freezing Delhi winter, I was standing near the metro door holding “The Oath of Vayputras”.

A lot of people are capable, Neelkanth. What makes a capable person truly dangerous is his conviction. I smiled wickedly as if a hidden sutra was unfolded to me.

I looked up, glancing sidewards at the moving Yamuna. I heaved and let out a sigh.
Excuse me! I turned to look, there was a beautiful round smiling face of a girl. I smiled back.

She(pointing towards the book ): Is this the latest one from AMISH TRIPATHI?

I(smiling) : Yap ! Have you read this already?

She(laughing): I think it’s out of stock right now 😛

I(laughing back): Yeah, I pre-booked this one before launch 😉

She(inquisitively): So how is it turning out?

I(smirking): Good so far.

She(tilting her head): So do you read often.

I(grinning): Yeah, can’t live without them.

She(ha ha) : Me too.

So our conversation took off with books discussing the upcoming Indian authors to established ones. From the romantic genre to biographies. Discussing fiction to philosophy.Our two hours vanished in blink of an eye. We parted with huge smiles on our faces.

It was one of my most remarkable metro journey. And I call it friendship over books.

So friends share your friendship over books story.

This my attempt for the Second day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 2: B(alphabet)


33 thoughts on “Books and Memories:Day 2 of A-Z Challenge

  1. Books are always a great medium through which we can build relations. With books and even people reading books. 😉

    I also have many friends through books in train journeys. I can understand the feeling. Thanks for sharing.

    Amish is awesome.. Have. a good time.. 🙂


  2. This is so true. I have personally had encounters where in people have initiated a talk seeing the book in my hand or vice versa 🙂 No matter what always carry a book it brings in a story in some way or the other. Am loving the words you are coming up with NJ 🙂 ❤
    P.S : You have on sharp memory to remember all of these incidents. 23 more to go 🙂

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    1. I think all book lovers must have encountered this experience 🙂 I am glad you are liking my take on words 🙂 ha ha 😀 thank you I remember things which are trivial for others 😛

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  3. Wonderful post, Neerja Di! ❤ It's incredibly fascinating 🙂 Two people who don't know each other bonding over a common book they love. That must have been such an interesting conversation for you. The closest scene to this I encountered was at a library back in Herefordshire. It was the summer holidays and I went to visit Mum, Dad and my bro. I was reading Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince at the library while Mum went shopping and suddenly this lady who looked to be in her mid-twenties came over and sat opposite me. I felt her eyes on me but was paying more attention to the book. Then she suddenly called me, and I looked up. She went 'What are you reading?' I smiled and showed her the cover and she asked 'You a Harry Potter addict?' I said 'Yes, very much, are you?' She responded 'Yes' and we had a little conversation over the previous five. Then, before leaving, she called me again and said I looked like a princess 😀 I blushed 😀 I still remember her, though we don't know each others' name, and it's been eight years 🙂

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    1. WOW that was interesting encounter 🙂 Harry potter has created more friendships than any other book 😉 This was wonderful experience 🙂 That’s why its said books are your best friend 😉

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      1. I think Harry Potter forged out bond too 😉 Remember that Liebster Award you gave me and I answered that ‘What is your favourite book?’ question, to which you commented you loved Harry Potter too. That’s from where we started bonding a lot ❤

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  4. Awesome! Love your word 😉 I have a similar story too. I was going to work in bus reading an eBook (I don’t remember the name) and then there was a beautiful girl in front of me. She was reading Aleph of Paulo Coelho. Half the journey was done & I couldn’t muster the courage to talk to her. Then I asked her about how is the book & we started talking & she said she watches TV series like Friends & Two and a half men and many more similar stuff. I liked those 10 mins of conversation. It was definitely friendship but I couldn’t ask her contact number(because she might have thought me as a stalker). I just know her name & that’s Priyanka. If anyone find her, do tell her about me. P.S.: I don’t remember how she looked(it was 2 years back) but she was beautiful 😉

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    1. ha ha 😀 Darshith see how easy it to talk with girls who are bibliophile 😉 next time you procrastinate reading some book ..think of this incidence 😛 and priyanka is such common name that if stand on your roof and call this name ..100 girls would surely appear infront of you 😛 Meanwhile what are you reading these days ??

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      1. Yes, Priyanka is more common than Neha/Pooja 😛 Reading & writing helps to talk to girls in a better way 😀 I am still stuck with The catcher in the rye. I haven’t read anything since 2+ months. It’s bad but I hope to turn the table soon 😉

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      2. ha ha 😀 Neha and pooja will soon be declared as surnames 😛 Oh its small book ..dunno worry you will be out soon 😛 I am reading Atlas shrugged ..a masterpiece it is 🙂

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      3. Ha ha …I am almost done with it 😉 few pages left 😀 oh I don’t knew about the movie …but this book needs lot of patience and mind to understand it :p

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  5. What a perfect B word for the challenge that suits you so well NJ ❤ My friendship story is like this: I went to India to visit some close blogging friends and one of them was such a sweetheart and gave her very own copy of the book Namesake that was close to her heart, wrote a lovely note inside the cover and signed it, just for me ❤ 🙂 This beautiful girl was YOU and I will always have this book forever. I am actually halfway through it now and thinking of you as I read it. xoxo

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    1. Awww. so sweet of you <3…I love books and I love gifting them too the only thing that matters is how preciously someone holds it 🙂 I am glad you are loving this book too 🙂 I would love your review once you are done 🙂

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