Ding Dong Ditch:Day 4 of A-Z Challenge

Ginger, Ginger broke a winder

Hit the winda – crack!

The baker came out to give ‘im a clout

And landed on his back.


The above lines are taken from famous British poem. This game is also known as Knock, knock, ginger or knock down ginger.

And today my story is about one such day when we played Ding Dong Ditch.


It was a hot summer after noon and I was sleeping with my mother. I heard the creaking of the door. I looked at my mother’s face to see whether she heard the noise or not. But she was in deep slumber.

I tip-toed out of bed and went out to check. I saw my brother was trying to sneak out of home. I called him and he looked at me with an alarming face.

Me (accusingly): I will tell mom that you are going out without asking her.

Bro (fuming): Look Mama’s puppet, if you keep your mouth shut, I will take you with me.

Me (thinking over minute): Ok, Done.

Bro: Now come and help me in opening this gate without making noise.

Stealthily we went out of the house and ran towards the park. There was a small group of seven to eight kids aging four to fifteen. The leader of the group was fifteen year old tall girl, who was telling something to all kids. Seeing us, they all smiled.

Tall Girl (declaring): We are going to play a new game, today. Ding Dong Ditch. We will ring doorbell of people’s house and run away. It will be fun.

She divided us all in group of two. As I was the youngest one among all, I was asked to stay behind and just look at what they were doing.

Ting-Tong….Ting-Tong ..Ting –Tong

Suddenly someone came out of the house and all of them started running here and there. I kept hiding behind the bushes not knowing what waited me. My brother was running and calling my name… Nannu run..aunty will see you. But I was got so numb that I didn’t realized anything until the aunty caught me behind the bushes.

She held my hand and took me back to my home. She told my mother that I was playing with big kids and they left me there. I out of fear blurted out everything in front of her.

My brother didn’t came home until evening and when he came, mom’s anger got cooled off.

After this incident, my brother never let me accompany him. He said “I am spoiler of the game”


PS: Tell me your story when you did some mischievous thing and got caught red-handed ?

This my attempt for the fourth day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 4: D(alphabet)






16 thoughts on “Ding Dong Ditch:Day 4 of A-Z Challenge

  1. Such an innocent girl Neerja 😛
    This short story of yours took me back to my childish past and fetch me a wide smile on my face 🙂
    True.., “Memories of childhood are the dreams that stay with you even after you wake up.”

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much sachin 🙂 It feels great when someone says that I took them back to their childhood days 🙂 And the quote is a beautiful one 🙂


  2. Hahaha!! XD Neerja Di, I feel like flying over to Pune and bunking with you for at least a week 😛 I don’t think we will shut up, because we have so many common memories to share with each other! And this one triggered another one too! (by now, I’ve gotten used to being surprised 😛 ) That was such a funny memory you shared and I’m similar in the fact that my presence can get the pranking people caught XD You remember I told you how my cousins love painting on everyone’s faces while they’re asleep in the middle of the night? One time I stayed up long enough to join the fun, okay, and while I was with my sister when she doodled on the face of another cousin who had fallen asleep early, one of our grandfathers woke up after hearing strange scuffling noises, and while everyone ducked down or crawled under the beds, I was late in running for cover 😀 And he yelled at me … and of course, at everyone else later too XD

    Liked by 2 people

    1. ha ha 😀 come than we could play some prank on people 😛 and this making of mustaches is done with me by my bro 😉 but yours sounds much more interesting with so many of you involved together 😀

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hahahaha… Wow.. Such a lovely incident. We smile when we recollect about such beautiful childhood moments. Very funny, very naughty and very childish acts we all used to do as children..

    And Nannu?? Haha.. Sweet name..

    Have a good time.. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This is a great story NJ and I really love the rhyme at the beginning it’s funny 😀 You have amazing childhood stories 🙂 For me I was always getting caught stealing cookies from the cookie jar 😛 No surprise there… especially at Christmas and then when friends and family came over, there was always some missing 😀 Maybe that’s why I learned how to bake so I could cover my tracks 😛

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much 🙂 yeah the quote is funny it is taken from British poem 🙂 now stealing cookies was a common childhood habit 😉 your mom was lucky to find only some missing :p in my case my mom use to find an empty jar :p

      Liked by 2 people

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