Eggs and Beauty:Day 5of A-Z Challenge

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
Yves Saint-Laurent

This one story is about a natural cosmetic product that went wrong.


It was lazy Sunday, we (group of five friends) were sitting in the backyard of our hostel taking the much-needed sun bathe in the jittery Himalayan winters.

I was cherishing locks of my hair, instantly my friend noticed me and said “your hair have become dried, they need a bit of natural conditioning”. I promptly replied her “Don’t tell me to apply henna, I hate it”.

Friend1:   I think we should think of some other natural product.

Me: Yeah, something that’s easily available.

A girl was passing us with her breakfast plate full of breads and omelette.

All (in unison): Eggs

We all looked at each other thinking who will go and persuade mess workers to give us few eggs.

Friend2: (looking at me): You can demand eggs, as you don’t eat it. Say I want my share 😛

Me: They will just give two. We need at least dozen for all of us.

Friend 3: Lets go one by one .

Me: They won’t give to all of us that’s for sure.Let me go and try.


Coming out with dozen of eggs hidden inside my pockets of cargo my friends cheered me up as if the biggest task was done. In a big vessel all the eggs were broken and mixed with bit of lemon to avoid the stinking smell.

Friend four was given the task of applying it on our hair. She wore small poly bags on her hand as gloves and made us sit down on the grass and started applying it on our hair.

We were so happy that we have got good hair conditioning for free.

Friend 4: After she applied it on her hair , she said” Some is left, what should we do of it”.

Me (jokingly): Apply it on your face.

Friend 4: Shut up, you idiot.


We all departed to our rooms after that, I want to take bath after an hour. As I was coming out of washroom I heard a cry coming out of my room. I ran there and saw that Friend 5 was crying and everyone was consoling her.

Me (concerned): What happened??

Friend 1(hiding her smile and pointing toward friend 5): Ask her??

Me (annoyingly): Will you tell us??

She (hiding her face): I applied that remaining egg paste on my face.

We (all laughing aloud): ha ha: D seriously??

She (accusingly): I thought you were serious.


We were laughing and rolling on floor seeing her face because it was as it is but with a bit of itching and redness.

PS: So tell me girls when did you did something really horrendous in the name of vanity 😉 Guys you can also join 😛

This my attempt for the Fifth day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 5: E(alphabet)






22 thoughts on “Eggs and Beauty:Day 5of A-Z Challenge

    1. ha ha 😀 nah she couldn’t 😉 I was big dominant friend 😛 ..she was big non-veggie 😛 so she at eggs but never used them as beauty products 😉 I am glad you liked it 🙂

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  1. This is so funny NJ! 😀 Your time at the hostel was really fun 😛 For me, a group of girls decided to do eyebrow waxing one evening and nobody had experience in this! The friend who did mine made my eyebrows too thin and another friend took half an eyebrow off another! 😛 After that I got myself my esthetician 😉

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