Graduation Day: Day 7 of A-Z Challenge

One morning you get up realizing that you have graduated and now you have to run the rat race of a corporate life.

This is a story of my graduation day.


In India, most of the private colleges have commencement day year after you have graduated. This may seem bit awkward to my other countries friends but this how it is in India. Wait but there could be some exceptions like some big engineering colleges or Business schools may have their commencement day on last day of graduation.

Alas! I never studied from such big college to cherish such opportunity. So in year 2011, on a hot humid day in July on date 27, I graduated from my Alma mater.

We were informed through mails regarding our graduation day. By that time,I became a post-graduate student of a different college. This was great opportunity to catch up with old friends and acquaintances. Moreover I was home on my summer break from post-graduation college.

My best friend and I decided over phone that she will stay at my place once our graduation program gets over.

Dressed up in our new outfits, we reached college to find all the familiar faces with big knowing smile. We were shrieking each other’s name loudly and laughing on seeing the transformation like lunatics.

We were provided black gown and square hats with a purple hood for the program.So their is a bit of history behind wearing gown and square hats on graduation day which comes from this story.

Back in the Middle Ages, the church was the sole institution of learning, so clerical robes (long gowns) were the standard attire worn by medieval scholars.However, over time, education became less associated with religious life and the wearing of gowns was marked as a symbol of achievement and recognition. Hoods nowadays have different colours and are worn by graduates to signify the academic discipline they studied.

The square academic hat worn on graduation day is called a ‘mortarboard’, due to its resemblance to a tool used by bricklayers to hold mortar – a paste-like material of sand, lime and water which hardens when dry. Historians believe the mortarboard is based on the biretta which is a similar hat worn by the Roman Catholic clergy.


So now you see how this tradition has got evolved over the period of time.

The program started with big long speeches, which no one was hearing 😉 Everyone was busy in noticing others. The top three students from every stream were called on stage to collect their degree. Rest of us, got it, backstage. Once the program got over we went over to food section to have lunch. We were doing two task simultaneously greeting the known batch-mates and eating like apes 😀

One of my close girl friend who got married on our last day of college examination came with her  eight months old kid. We brought every guy who had a crush on her to meet her and the Baby, asking the baby to call them “mama” (mother’s brother in Hindi). It was real fun to tease everyone.The boy was really admiring all the attention.

We took lot many pictures, but two of my very close friends missed the day. It was like big reunion event, where every one was smiling seeing a known face. On that day I realized why I why loved this song.

I am really gonna miss this place, I am gonna miss my college days.

But no graduation day is complete without this hat throwing moment, so was ours.


I didn’t encountered a great commencement speech on my day. But if I had the chance I would like to hear  JK ROWLING SPEECH IN HARVARD 2008.


The best university in the world is neither Oxford nor Harvard. The best university is “youniversity”. YOU got the lecture halls of thoughts in YOU! You got everything you need to graduate with first class accomplishments put in you! YOU can do it!”
Israelmore Ayivor

PS: Share your graduation day story 🙂

This my attempt for the Seventh day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 7: G(alphabet)



20 thoughts on “Graduation Day: Day 7 of A-Z Challenge

  1. Wow.. Graduation day. It is like the day we will never forget. I mean receiving the degree is secondary, but the moment to throw the hats in the air and shouting with our friends.. I mean wow.. But we didn’t experience anything like that in our college.

    But still it is a special feeling. We had great fun even though. I remember the faces of departing which is the toughest part Now I miss my friends and they all have gone different ways different places. But they are always there with me in the moments which we shared as memories.

    You always bring reality in your posts and take us down to our memory lane. Great post.

    Have a great weekend Neerja… 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah it is one of the most special moment of your life. That gown and square hat make it worthwhile. Yeah I know some colleges don’t have it and yes last days of college are totally emotional and sentimental ones… thank you for the appreciation. I am glad you like my stuff. You too have nice sunday 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes it is one of the special moments we ever remember from the train of moments. The emotions we share on that day are priceless. It is my pleasure Neerja.

        Thanks for wishes, I had a nice and very busy Sunday. . 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Another awesome post NJ ❤ The way you tell your stories always makes me laugh you are so good at story telling. Especially the parts about not listening to the speeches because you were checking everyone out and the part about the girlfriend's baby with all the former crushes 😛 My nursing graduation day was a day of relief! We had to write 8 hour exams for 5 days in a row prior to the day of graduation. I threw my hat so high in the air I'm not sure a bird got hit by it 😛

    Liked by 1 person

    1. thank you so much jenny 🙂 I am so happy you read my post with so much enthusiasm 🙂 you really had bad examination times 😉 but this expected when to take medical field 😛 engineering is bit more relaxing 😉 at-least in our country 😛 For your hat , I think the bird would have made nest out of it 😉

      Liked by 1 person

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