King of Macedon:Day 11 of A-Z Challenge

“A tomb now suffices him for whom the world was not enough.”


Above is the epitaph of the legendary king Alexander The Great.


Today I am unleashing memory of attached to this mighty king.


I was twelve and we have shifted to a new city, there came new school, new friends and new opportunity.

I was lazily dragging my feet toward the school bus, the sun was scorching the ground as it was a hot May summer noon. I heard a sharp voice of a female teacher calling students for participation in upcoming play. Few of my classmates ran towards her, and she made them all stand in the queue. She took a book from her purse and asked the first one standing in the queue to read a paragraph from her book.

As the boy in front started she made annoyed face and asked him to go. One by one she was rejecting all the students. The other teacher who was accompanying her said “If you will reject all, how will we get the participant? It’s already Monday and the play is on Friday”. She looked up at the last student and asked him to recite the lines and as he finished she said “I will find the perfect one for this role” and asked the boy to leave.

I was still standing in the corner holding my bag, seeing the rolling of the events. She saw me gazing her, and gestured her hand for calling me “Do you want to try”? I nodded without realizing.

She forwarded me the book and asked me to read these few lines:

Alexander: “Do you eat gold in your country”

Chief: I take it for granted, thou wert able to find eatable food in thine own country reason then art thou come among us.

Alexander: Your gold has not hither but I would willingly become acquainted with your manners and customs.

All: So be it as long as it pleaseth thee.

After finishing these lines, I looked out of book towards my teacher, she smiled and said “Be ready, you are my Alexander”.

On the morning of  a fine Friday morning entered the mighty king in short dress wearing the golden crown made of glaze paper with a flowing blue silk robe and white socks with criss-cross design of silver paper.

Some jeered, some gaped, some smiled and others laughed seeing a small girl of twelve as Alexander the Great.


This was my first play, my first public speaking, my first stage appearance and this memory is as vivid as all others of my special days.

PS: Share your memory of first public appearance, play or recital or debate ?

This my attempt for the Eleventh day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 11: K(alphabet)




7 thoughts on “King of Macedon:Day 11 of A-Z Challenge

  1. Great memory and a lovely one too. I was 11 and participated in an elocution contest. Asked my dad to write, learnt and practised well. Walked up the stage, wished everyone good morning and then looked around. All eyes were at me. For the next two minutes, I stood there still looking into the many pairs of eyes. When someone said, ‘your time is up’ I said thank you and walked away. 🙂
    Nothing in public speaking could go worse than this one so since then, I enjoy public speaking and have done a lot. 🙂

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  2. I was in grade 6 and I won a public speaking contest at school and the topic was on my days at a sleepover summer camp for girls. Many events took place at that camp and I told the stories with some humor which made me feel less nervous. Then I went to compete in the city contest but didn’t win but I’ll always remember feeling so proud. I didn’t care if I won or not 😛

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