Leafy love and friendship: Day 12 of A-Z Challenge

“please, love, leave,
like leaf from tree;
taking beauty,
leaving seed”
Andrew McMillan


There was a time when a promise of friendship was made through a leaf. It lasted as long as the leaf last to dry up.


We were walking holding our biology books towards the park with a path full of dried fallen leaves. Two girls of 17 then who were soon going to graduate from school. Life seems pretty easy that time and teenage is a funny age, it make you believe that everything last for forever especially love and friendships.

We sat below the tree and opened our books. I took out my notebook and started making notes.

She (regretting): Oh, I forgot bring my notebook.

Me (surprised): Ah!! That’s bad. Should we go inside to bring one?

She (smirking): Nah..leave it. I will write on something else.

Me (puzzled): What else?

She (smiling): Pointed her hand towards the fallen leaves.

I laughed and she picked up few and started drying diagrams on them. After an hour school bell rang, we started gathering our things. Suddenly she picked up one leave and wrote something on it. I asked her to be quick and do rest of her practice in next free period. She closed my eyes with her one hand and asked me to open up my palm.

Me( irritated): What’s this?

She(suppressing laughter): Surprise. Just open up your palm.

Me(opening my one palm) : Ok.

I felt something light on my palm. Slowly I opened my eyes and saw a dried green leaf with message on it .

Friends Forever.

I smiled turning it and found

Apurva ❤ Neerja.

I kept my books down and picked up another same leaf and wrote the message,

Friends forever

in front and

Neerja ❤ Apurva

on backside and gave it to her.

It’s been almost eleven years since then and our friendship has taken a backseat now. Both of us settled in our own worlds forgetting the leafy promise of two teenage girls.

My favourite leaves are maple leaves, because they remind me of my teenage year’s favourite romantic movie Mohabbatein (love)

PS: Share your memory attached to leaves or autumn or friendship or promise.

This my attempt for the Telweth day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 12: L(alphabet)


4 thoughts on “Leafy love and friendship: Day 12 of A-Z Challenge

  1. Ah lovely! Thinking about this, I never had leaves around to write messages. But yes, I would save roses in my books. No I never got one but I picked or plucked and saved them. I can still feel the smell and touch of those dry rose buds. 🙂

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  2. This is such a sweet story of friendship and leaves. Life takes over sometimes which makes keeping in touch harder. If you love maple leaves then you need to visit me here in Canada during the fall. The leaves turn colors of orange, red, yellow and we have millions of these trees here. It’s on our flag 🙂 ❤


  3. Wow Neerja. . Such a beautiful and a lovely memory. Yes, words written on leaves last longer than whatsapp. . Promises made at such age are always like that. . But they are memorable. .

    I also remember such incident when I was in +2, My bestie Akshay and I were waiting for our auto after our classes (which always comes late). We saw a tree and with a stick I wrote on the wood ‘Jackie and Akshay are good friends’. A light shade of letters were imprinted on it, but it became a sweet memory. . 🙂

    Thanks. Have a good evening. . 🙂

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