Book Review: An Obedient Father

My first book review on blogging world 🙂 check it out 😀

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obedient father.jpgI needed to force money from Father Joseph, and it made me nervous.

The book opens with the above appalling line which is just peek into the realistic world of Akhil Sharma’s book. An Obedient Father is a debut novel of author Akhil Sharma.


Akhil is an Indian American who moved United state at the age of eight. Sharma studied at Princeton University, where he earned his B.A. in public policy at the Woodrow Wilson School. He then won a Stegner Fellowship to the writing program at Stanford.He then attempted to become a screenwriter, but, disappointed with his fortunes, left to attend Harvard Law School.Akhil use to work as an Investment banker in New york before he turned as a full time writer. Currently he works as an assistant professor in the creative writing MFA program at Rutgers University-Newark.

As the name suggests the book has strong and…

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