Pizza Hut: Day 16 of A-Z Challenge

” Make it large”..

Pizza Hut logo. (PRNewsFoto/Pizza Hut)

Reading a pizza story is too common, what if I talk about going there to eat something else.I have never been a great pizza lover , but I don’t even deny it if served free and hot.

My purpose to this food chain was for the love of another P (food item), Some of you may have guessed it too, yes it’s another Italian dish with P 😉

Every weekend like a ritual I use to go to this food chain for almost two years i.e from the time I started earning , I built this relation with my dear Pasta.

This relation would have continued if I haven’t married the man who hates Pizza and would never go to pizza Hut even to eat pasta.

Alas, I could not leave one of the lovely delicacy I swear by 😛 So I donned the hat of chef and learned to cook white sauce mushroom pasta.

I even taught few of my friends too to make this one.

But I still love those memories of dragging my junior cum friend bhavana and taking a rickshaw ride even though we could walk those few miles and eat hot pasta.

That beautiful breeze on hot summer evening, those long rough pavements, that partner in crime friend. The fact was we both were so underweight and could adjust lot of cheese 😉 without hesitation in our small tummy’s.


But those cheesy pasta bites never helped us in gaining weigh. As said you can forget anything but you can’t forget the friendship that develops over food and drinks 😉 Our is one 🙂

This one is for my sweet little girlfriend Bhawana.

PS: Tell me when was last time you went to famous restaurant to eat the side items 😉

This my attempt for the Sixteenth day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 16:P(alphabet)



One thought on “Pizza Hut: Day 16 of A-Z Challenge

  1. Hahaha I remember you telling me this story before 😛 Next visit you can make me your famous pasta ❤ I have to say when I used to go to Pizza Hut I always had their pizza but there was a time where I had their pasta bar once and the mushroom pasta in cheese sauce was there and you're right…it's amazing! 😀

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