Roaming or intruding:Day 18 of A-Z Challenge

This is a funny and pleasant memory of roaming in garden without any motive.


It was a pleasant evening where petrichor was filling us with a slight romanticism.  It was my friend’s birthday and we were meeting after almost six months. Though it is not a long period but it could be when you have spent almost 2.5 years of hostel life together.

We decided to cut her cake in full public view. The decided place was Delhi’s Connaught Place central park. With lot of enthusiasm we sang birthday song for her, there were few guys who were sitting there with a guitar played it as a background music. Once the cake cutting got over, we laid our hands on delicious chocolate cake.

Now with full stomachs, we roamed around the garden searching for cozy place to sit and start our gossip session. In hostel life we lived my a motto “Aao behan chugli kare” (Come sisters, lets gossip a bit 😉 ).

While searching for sitting place, we saw all the good corners were taken by couples who were busy in their PDA. Than we decided that let’s sit in one such corner only, let’s see what the couples do. We took a place in corner surrounded by love hit couples. We kept poking each other in their directions. When they stared back we laughed as if we haven’t noticed them. This continued for quite some time until we realized that people won’t stop in showing their love, it’s us who need to vacate the place. As soon as we left the place, another couple occupied it.


PS : Tell me have your ever been a roamer who has intruded in someone’s not so private place 😉  ??

This my attempt for the Eighteenth day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 18:R(alphabet)


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