Sleep Talk: Day 19 of A-Z Challenge

When things are left, unsaid, we say them in our sleep.

Sleep talking, formally known as somniloquy, is a sleep disorder defined as talking during sleep without being aware of it.

I use to do lot of sleep talking when I was a kid but as I grew up, I got out of this problem. And now I am on another side, remembering other people’s sleep talk. Today, my story is about one such remembrance.



I was almost 12 years old then and my cousin brother who was 3 years younger to me came for a stay at our place for few days. His parents were going for our uncle’s wedding. My parents who were always too concerned about our studies decided that only my father would be attending the wedding. So it was four of us, me, my brother , my cousin brother and mom.

It was a month of November, back then, we use to have 3 time examination system. Half yearly in August , secondly in mid November and finals in March. My cousin was very notorious kid, actually he was impossible kid, controlling whom required special tactics. My mother who had two sober kids didn’t knew how to handle him. So from morning she kept asking him to study for examination but he did everything except studying.

Now my mom lost all her calm and patience, asked him to show in her written that he knew everything too well. My cousin who for the first time saw my mom so angry, started crying. Mom got so worried that she didn’t say anything to him after it.

So next day when mom didn’t asked him to study he got little worried, but didn’t said anything to anyone. He use to sleep with me during that time.

Around 12 am, I heard some loud noise, I opened my eyes and saw that my cousin was reiterating his Social studies answer. It was like as if standing on dais and giving a speech. I jerked him, but he kept going. So I kicked him hard, and he opened his eyes, looked at me and then said “ Di, why are you awake, come sleep.” And went back to snoring.

After that day I use to avoid sleeping with him,as I sleep lightly.

His sleep talking, was a good training period for me. I never feared sleep talkers again in fact a good number of my room-mates have been active sleep talkers 😉

PS : Tell me any incident where you witnessed sleep talking or where you were the one doing it ?

This my attempt for the Nineteenth day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 19:S(alphabet)


4 thoughts on “Sleep Talk: Day 19 of A-Z Challenge

  1. Hahaha XD My brother used to talk in his sleep early in the morning when he was little (I always love listening to it with amusement) and there is a cousin sister of mine who schedules her sleep talk at midnight. It’s hilarious when the rest of us crowd around her right on time and try to muffle our giggles when she starts rambling on XD

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