Uniform :Day 21 of A-Z Challenge

When you put on a uniform, there are certain inhibitions that you accept.



In India school uniform is mandatory in all schools. Every school has its own type and color of dresses.

Today I am going to tell you one small incident of my life where the clothing which is created for maintaining the  uniformity in school, created a big rift among the students.

Our school uniform included a checked kurta of grey,brown and white color, a plain dark brown salwar with a white cotton dupatta. The school was one of the most prestigious school of our town yet the dress was old-fashioned. The girls of our school always felt inferior from girls of other  schools.

Our school bus stop was in same area and our winter timings were also same but we stood opposite to each others like arch rivals.

One day on a jittery cold winter morning we were standing on our bus stop with our cold hands tucked inside our blazers pocket. Suddenly I realized I have forgotten to bring 50 rupees that was needed for some aptitude examination in school.

I saw my neighbor standing across the street, with her school friends. I asked my class fellow to accompany me. We both went to her  and I asked her to come aside , she walked with me and I told her that I needed money and if she could land me some, that would be of great help.

She took out a 50 rupees from her blazer’s inside pocket and gave me. I smiled and started leaving, suddenly I realized I was accompanied by my friend who was nowhere to be seen. I looked around and saw her standing across the street.

I crossed the road and came to her, and asked her the reason of coming back without letting me know, she looked in my eyes, and I saw traces of tears in the corner of her eye. I asked her what happened, she told me that while I was busing talking with my friend, the others made fun of her school uniform and called her names just because she was not wearing short skirt as school uniform.

Sometimes things don’t go the way they should go. The one who brought the concept of uniform didn’t knew that one day someone would be mocked down just for it.

PS: Tell your story if you felt humiliated someday because someone asked you, to maintain the uniformity .

This my attempt for the Twenty-first day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 21:U(alphabet)




8 thoughts on “Uniform :Day 21 of A-Z Challenge

  1. I haven’t faced the uniform discrimination problem here, Neerja Di, but I do remember the time back in UK when me, my parents and my bro went to my new school’s private uniform shop to buy my new set. Initially, I was the only one to attend that school and my bro in another school because of the school fees but when my brother saw the sky blue shirt, blue tartan skirt and navy blazer for my uniform, he suddenly felt dejected because his school’s uniform wasn’t as grand as that. Mum saw him gazing longingly at the blazers, shirts and trousers for boys and it was because of that they decided no matter what, he shouldn’t feel sad, and admitted him into the same school as me ❤

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    1. After reading your comment, I re-read my post and realized their were so many grammatical mistakes in it 😛 as I wrote these pieces in so much haste that never got the time to re-read it 😛
      For your story ❤ I know how envied my brother when he got into big school which had a wondeerful school uniform 🙂 I wasn't sent to same school as my dad said you should also go in that school when you reach standard 6th just like your brother 🙂 But when I reached 6th standard the school lost some of its reputation and I joined another big school with the uniform I mentioned in this post 🙂

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      1. Aw, don’t worry about that, you can always edit them ❤ Whoa, you and your bro underwent the same as what we did. It's a good thing you went to another school, because what matters more is the education they provide ❤ That's the sole reason Mummy and Daddy transferred my brother because it was the best school in Hereford.

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  2. Some public schools in the USA have adopted uniform policies. As a parent, I always wished for it, but it never happened anywhere my kids were in school. The idea is to help the parents save money on clothing and reduce the bullying and teasing that sometimes arises around attire. But your story proves bullies will always find someone to pick on and something to pick on them about.


  3. I wore a uniform in high school only because it was a private school. Public schools don’t wear uniforms here and the kids from public schools tease the ones who have to wear them. I didn’t mind my uniform because I always knew what to put on every day and I didn’t listen to the others. 🙂

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