X-Ray : Day 24 of A-Z Challenge


I was 11year old when I first saw an X-ray report. My grandfather has injured his spine while traveling in a rickshaw.

One day he came back from market and complained about pain in his lower back. He was quite overweight and we thought may be sitting for too long on rickshaw must have caused it. My father massaged his back with lukewarm mustard oil. But the pain still rmained.

So he was taken to orthopedic surgeon for a check-up and from there he returned with brown paper bag. I waited for everyone to settle down, so that I can peek into the envelope.


Once mom and dad got busy in discussing what the doctor has advised, I slowly grabbed the envelope and stealthily moved in the next room.

I opened the envelope and saw a black transparent thick sheet with some blurred image on it. It liked what I saw and it created a curiosity to know more about it.

I searched books in library to know more about x-ray, how it worked, and what the machine is called and so on. This how I fall in love with biology and took it up as my main subject in school. Though I never did anything great in that field but I still love to read about human body.

This my attempt for the Twenty-fourth day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 24:X(alphabet)


12 thoughts on “X-Ray : Day 24 of A-Z Challenge

    1. ha ha 😀 another similarity 😉 I think our memories has brought us much closer than anything else 😀 ..I will sure come to your house but not for checking X-rays 😛

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      1. Yeah, Neerja Di! ❤ So much of similarities and these exchange of childhood stories have definitely increased the bond ❤ We're best friends for life ❤ Haha, you're always welcome to my house. We'll have a blast when you come, promise! ❤

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