A journey of a daughter

“Behind all your stories is always your mother’s story, because hers is where yours begin.”


Recently we all celebrated Mother’s Day with lot of zest. Making our mother feel special for a day is a great idea. Now, that I am married, I am showered with love of two mothers. I love giving surprises, so for each of my mother I did something different.  For my birth mother, I sent a small gift followed by a small wish call on phone. For my new mother, I was able to do things in much more meaningful way as she was with us on this day.

The day was a full family day. A well spent one.

As I was lying on my bed, calling sleep, I had a thought that struck me hard. We girls often say things like we want to be like our mothers, if we became even 0.1 percent like them, we would be really happy, I have got my strength from my mom, she is the best women I know etc..etc.

Do we always use to thing like this?? Were we always felt so grateful toward our mother’s??  Did we always idolized them?

For me the answer is a big NO!

Those who think that, I am being too rational or rude, I would say wait till you read me completely.

There was a time, I so much wanted, not be to be like my mother. In fact, I never liked the idea when someone compared me to her. I remember when I once said to her, I am so happy that I don’t look like you. I know that statement is such a horror on a mother’s face. When your child make you feel that your partner is superior in looks than you and he/she is grateful that they got superior genes. My mother never replied me back on that statement but years later, I realized how much painful that one statement would have been for her.

My mother is a timid woman when it comes to expressing herself, people relentlessly, dominate her. This attribute of her always irritated me. I have been witness of many such nasty situations where people overlooked her.  I once argued with her after one such bad moment, saying that “How could you allow someone to control you so much “. She was bewildered by my confrontation, but after a long pause she said “I promise you that I will never let that happen to you “. I ignored her remark, and went on with my life carelessly. Until recently, I took pride in being a person whom no one could think of messing up with, never once realizing that the seed of this confidence and belief was instilled by the woman, I called my mother.

Every mother and daughter on this earth have fought once, for reason big and small. Our relation too went through this stage once. Our major opinion difference was our taste in clothing. I always loved having too many clothes that too of latest fashion. I am not makeup or accessory person but I love stylish and fashionable clothing items whereas my mother is a classy dresser. She love simple clothes that are evergreen and don’t bother much about having lot of them. During my teenage and early twenties we never agreed on same clothing’s for me. I always considered my mother’s choice as boring until someone changed my thoughts.

It was my cousin’s wedding and all my aunts were dressed up with makeup and glittery clothes. My mother being her usual self, wore a simple saree with only a single piece of jewellery that she possess. We all were admiring the ones who have all donned up for the occasion. Suddenly my little cousin pointed me towards my mom and said “I loved the way mausi (mom’s sister) is dressed up, so simple and different from all others.” Her words made me think that being peppy and trendy doesn’t make you different, it’s you yourself, your own thoughts and mind, make you different. I realized how my mother was different and unique from all other women of our family.

After the wedding got over, one of my distant relative asked my mother who her daughter was? My mother called me and proudly said “She is my daughter”. I saw the look on the woman’s face, she looked at me with awe. This time I took full pride in being my mother’s daughter and I told her “ I am nothing like my mom, I could never be like her, because no one in the world could be like my mother”.

PS: I took birth from your womb 27 years before but I turned into your daughter the day I realized “You are the best thing that I have”





38 thoughts on “A journey of a daughter

    1. Thank you so much for taking out the time to read my blog 🙂 I am so happy that you liked my blog 🙂 I just started following you 🙂 would read more from you in future 🙂


  1. My regards to your parents , tough your mom has been through opposite situations but she has got a wonderful gift as you , How I or any other mom will wish to have a daughter like you … Stay blessed

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 you just stole my heart by saying that you would wish to have a daughter like me 🙂 can’t thank you enough for all the love you have showered on me 🙂

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      1. My pleasure and glad to read such lovely words dear , and you know only a daughter can feel the feelings of one , I m lucky to have a daughter who cares for me just like you 🙂 stay blessed and keep writing more and sharing with us . Have a good day 🙂

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  2. Neerja, this is beautiful! I wanted to cry. I was that way about my mama too. Till I really grew up!
    Today I was updating my awards page, and realized I had not visited you in way too long!!
    Also, I had your URL on there, but now it’s an active link!

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    1. Thats a huge compliment to me 🙂 If my post made you nostalgic , than I nailed it 🙂 And it was something we don’t talk about much but it surely exists and we have come a long way from being stubborn daughters to loving ones 🙂

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  3. Nice one NJ…Its so real and so true..We all go through this thoughts about out moms and then the realization thing that is just awesome…”I wish i could be like my mom as well…Which I never can be…” LOVED the last line

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  4. You are honest in your writings. I feel the emotions like i had witness those moments with you.
    Glad you are back in your form . Hope rich interaction days ahead.

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  5. NJ this is a beautiful post you wrote ❤ Mother's are the glue to the family and I really loved your story but the best part is the realization later on that all of us go through with our own mom's 🙂 Cheers to all the mom's who do so much!! ❤

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    1. Thank you so much jenny ❤ I am so happy that you like it 🙂 Yes with age comes realization of the fact that she means more to you than you ever thought 🙂 cheers 🙂 to you moomy 😉

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  6. Very honest expression of a daughter’s love to her mother.
    The more we grow up, the more we realize the meaning of our words said in a simple childish way. Mothers hardly say anything back on harsh words. I guess they know that there’s no need for explanation. one day you too will become a mother yourself and …you’ll get all your answers automatically.

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