Let him that thinketh he standeth take heed lest he fall”


How often do you think about falling things? Things that get detached from its place of origin and fall to some other place, a place where they may not feel needed.

How a golden-brown leaf, smoothly swayed by the winds, fall on the pavement and over the period, they turn into pile of dead leaves. What about those black large serpents who slough their skins, leaving those colourless patterned moult to be collected by curious biologist or just decay away with time. Never to forget all-time classic example of a caterpillar hanging itself upside down from a twig and radically emerging as a butterfly.

The scientific term for this detachment is Abscission. But as you know I am more inclined towards the philosophically side, I would leave the readers to study about the process all by themselves.

So now you all must be thinking why suddenly after 6 months of disappearance from this blog and writing, I chose to write about falling things.

My reason for not writing anything from past few months, wasn’t a writer’s block. It was sheer laziness on my part. I am a lazy person in general and upon that an extremely lazy writer. But I was reading continuously like always, it’s the only thing I still manage to do despite being a certified lethargic person.

In this pursuit of reading like a manic I came across a beautiful book called Norwegian Wood by Haruki Murakami. There was something so engulfing about the book that it stuck with me, especially the below quote:

Death is not the opposite of life but an innate part of it. By living our lives, we nurture death.”

This stayed with me for quite some time but then life took on and I forgot about it, until I laid my hands on another book “When Breath Becomes Air” by Paul Kalanithi. Now in this book the author is not watching others death but is the one who is dying slowly. It’s about what makes human life meaningful, even in the face of death and decay.

His words pierce through your soul, making you think that “everyone succumbs to finitudeand “you are not the only one who reaches this pluperfect state.

We all understand death, some in practical way others in a much more analytical way. It’s just that we never acknowledge its presence in our day-to-day life. We tend to hide the mysterious layers it hold inside itself. Until one day it stand across us, making us succumb to its wishes and asking us to accept it in our life.

As J.K Rowling said Death comes for us all in the end.

PS: The seed of this thought was sown by the droppings of latex on my hand while I was riding for my office. The white liquid made me think of Abscission. Hence you are reading me 🙂

PPS: I know I have written a very small write-up on such a deep thought. The reason, me being my rusty due to such a huge gap. But I promise I will get back on this some other day with much more sense and talk.




21 thoughts on “FALLEN THINGS…….

  1. What a lovely post. We all go through these lazy phases – I have been going through it for the past few months. And the books you mentioned have that thoughtful surreal feel, to it. Making us ponder and reflect and urge to look ahead. I have been devouring 1Q84 and it is making me so aware! Do try it 🙂

    P.S. You based in Pune, right?

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    1. Thank you so much 🙂 yes indeed nice books 🙂 have you read them ? Great you suggested me a new book I was confused which next book should I pick up by harukui marukami 🙂 by the way I am reading 1984 and it is also a dystopian novel 🙂
      Yes I live in Pune , Balewadi 🙂 You ?


      1. I just finished 1Q84 and yes, it’s a play on the Orwellian classic 🙂 I highly suggest Kafka on the Shore by Murakami for your next one.
        I stay in Kothrud but travel to Hinjewadi every day for work 😭

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      2. oh cool, I heard some one say its not that good 😛 that’s why wasn’t considering it 😉 is it about franz kafka ??
        Oh…yours it quite far away ..how many km is it ? I go from balewadi to SB road


      3. SB road now has Forever21 and Global Desi – I envy you! 😀
        Kafka on the Shore has references to Franz but not about him or inspired per se. You must read it 😀

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      4. ha ha 😀 I am opposite pantaloons 😉 so that where I go for quick shopping 😀 Actually I have not read much of kafka’s work, so thats why I was confirming 🙂 I just finished reading death of ivan llyich by leo tolstoy 🙂 an amazing novella 🙂


      5. Yeah I am there 🙂 So true, its easy to stalk other book lovers there 😉 and get to choose what you want to read 🙂


  2. Being lazy is luxury of all even kings of king can’t afford now a days . I wish each one us should cherish those moments doing nothing and being contented within for no reason. Any way I am happy to know that you enjoy reading greatest book written on the earth.
    All the very best.

    Do read your old blog posts in free times . You will meet your self once again and will realize how far you have come.

    Thanks .

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    1. So true 🙂 I think taking a gap helps and you start thinking in a new direction 🙂 Yeah I am biblophile 🙂 So reading is something I can’t live without 😀

      Yes I do read them and re edit them too at times 😛 and true it helps 🙂 and also at times I get amazed that those words are written by me 😛

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  3. What a beautiful post NJ 😍 I really love the concept of fallen things and that they fall for a reason. Glad to see you writing again and not to worry we are always here for you 💖💖 The books you mention sound interesting too 😊

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    1. Thanks Jenny for always being there 😘 and your comments are always energy booster for me 😍 yes the books are amazing ones 😘 do read them when you have time 😊


  4. Congratulations on taking the step to start writing again! It was a beautiful piece to read, I enjoyed reading it.
    I have not been writing too for the past 6 months, I would love to get back to writing as well but I’m back in school for an MS and that’s eating away all of my time! Hopefully someday I will get the time to write again! Until then….I will enjoy reading 😀

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    1. Thank you so much Rashmi for taking out time 😘 to read my work 😊 I understand grad life is difficult and tougher with family life 😊 all the best for this new prospect. 😇 And yes I am sure after some time you would be out there writing again 😊

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