When the darkness lurks around you, wearing its black satin cloak.
Don’t avoid it, don’t ignore it, instead talk to it.
As I do, on the lonely nights when I am afraid of its entry into my white world.

I timidly take steps towards it, offer it a seat, sometimes, only sometimes, I do suggest it a cup of black tea/coffee.
Not because I have to but because I like to calm it down before I start talking about us.As I know our conversation is going to be a long one.
I don’t want it to be snoozing out when I am speaking about my concerns.

While I am thinking all of this, I hear a tap on my window, and I check the giant clock on my wall. It is few minutes late then our appointed time.
I get up and open the window, it jumps in, yes that’s the way it like’s to enter, through the window column.

Before I could ask it to sit down, it bounces on my spread sofa cum bed.
I offer it the cup of black tea, that I have already prepared, this time I want it to like me, hence the black tea, not the coffee.

Holding the teacups, we share a momentarily gaze as if challenging each other to break the awkward silence.
It takes a long sip and pretends to notice the changes in my room from the last visit.
I certainly know that trick, I clear my throat as if I plan to speak but then it looks up and smile.

Ahh…A quizzical smile, sucking up all my thoughts and all that else in my mind.
I force a smile too and try again to concentrate and recollect my thoughts so that I can tell it what I expect it to do.

I am trying hard to recall every single thread that was in my mind before that smile fell upon my face.
While I am still cracking my knuckles, it walks towards the kitchen slab.
Put’s down the teacup in the basin and comes down again to where it belonged, anticipating my next move.

I have lost track of time, and I feel like those blank pages in my diary which I need to fill with my thoughts.
And then a warm hand touches my palm, and my reverie gets broken.
I look up in those dark round black eyes, and they look back in my dark brown ones as if sending some message through rays.

We keep that eye contact for few minutes, but then it removes its hand from my sweating grasp and stands up.
It moves towards the window sill, I too stand up and walk behind it.

It looks down, below the grille, its pitch dark down there.I wait for it to say something but then I remember, few of my lost thoughts.
While I am collecting them to form a sentence, it turns back and looks at me.

This time we both smile simultaneously and I open my mouth to say something…..
But before I could, thud…. it jumps off into the darkness of the alley. I murmur GOODBYE till I see you again.


4 thoughts on “AT NIGHT

  1. What an amazing blog NJ, I love the way you talk about those dark nights and gremlin voices we hear that try to steal our joy away. I read this at a good time, thank you for posting it ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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