What is LOVE?

What is LOVE_

It doesn’t lie in giving a bouquet of lilies and orchids.
It’s when you give me a single bud of a red rose, and I preserve each petal carefully between the pages of my favorite books.

It’s not about eating at fancy restaurants every day,
Its when you close your eyes, melting away everything and concentrating all your senses by smelling, feeling and tasting the special meals I cook, only for you.

It is not gifting each other expensive things instead its when you ask me what I need, and surprise me by getting a much better version of the stuff I have asked for as a gift.

Constantly talking doesn’t mean we are conversating,
It’s about having that late night, nice meaningful conversations about our dreams while eating together at our dinner table.

It certainly isn’t about who first.
Its when we leave all our ego aside and take the first step forward in accepting our mistake and apologize to each other at the same time.

It’s not when you continually praise each other instead it’s about enlightening each other about individual human flaws and holding one another while on the path of self-discovery.

It’s not about doing all the things together.
But it lies in not forgetting one another even when you indulge in your single pursuits.

Big promotions, big house, a big car or a lot of money never constitutes to love.
Love is finding peace and bliss together in a place called home.

It isn’t only in waiting for significant milestones and celebrating them.
But also enjoying small moments and hiccups that you two face together on your way.

Its when all your insecurities wash away by being with the wave of love.
And you know in your heart, come what may, that your lover will never leave your side until death does you apart.

To fall in love is beautiful, but that’s just the starting,
The more important thing is to grow together as better human beings.

Love doesn’t have definitions, yet all the lover’s try to define it.
Find your definition with your lover because it about being two entwined souls in one feeling called LOVE.

10 thoughts on “What is LOVE?

  1. NJ this is such a beautiful description of what love is 💖💖💖 It’s so true that it’s all about the little things and sharing them with that special person. I love this post! 😍😙

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