You may have forgotten that face but what about that memory that keeps lingering in some corner of your mind. Once you were watching a movie and a scene left you in splits of laughter and tears came rolling down your eyes. In that same moment, came the memory of that face from the hidden corner of your mind, leaping at you, guffawed, you couldn’t fathom it out, and now your tears have changed their course, they are no longer tears of joy but of misery and pain.

At some another time, on some another beautiful night, you were enjoying the pretty fairies of dreams. Suddenly you see that face, the face which meant so many things to you at a time, but no longer holds any value. Slowly your dream starts changing, and abruptly you are in another world with a different vision, which keeps going around that particular face. It doesn’t stop, even if you try thousand times to prevent it from going beyond that point, but the reins have left your fingers, and now you are on a wild journey, exhausted you wake up, with the memory of that face and dream. And you no longer know what to do with all of this or what does it all mean.

You start feeling all the pain rushing back into your heart. Your heart doesn’t know if this pain will ever cease to exist, but your mind tells you if you stop thinking, someday it will. But how would you stop thinking, when the heart is still holding the grains of your past’s dust.

Now the only thing you can do is pick up your pen and write with your all might, to clear up all the weeds of your past. So that once again the grass of your present become clean, and you can go back to your life peacefully.


8 thoughts on “FACES OF PAST

  1. Nice piece of writing.
    That face came out of the blur..alive right in front of me. Thanks for sharing this. 🙂

    I guess the only resort is to take care of yourself over and over again, until it no longer hurts. 😐

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  2. Reading this piece actually made my eyes well up…Some faces from past haunt us with a forever pain, perhaps mingling with some good memories as well. And like you, I too believe, nothing heals more than writing! Thank you for this piece my dearest.


    1. I feel pleased and not so pleased at the same time. Pleased as a writer that my piece could stir up some emotions in your heart and not so pleased because as a friend I don’t want you to cry 🙂 I agree sometimes its never going back kind of situation with some relationships, and we have to let our heart heal on its own, and true writing is true savage. 🙂 I am glad you read it 🙂 Do check my other blogs too when you have time 🙂


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