Reflecting on the year 2018

“Actually, years mean nothing. It’s what’s inside them.” 

After being a sloth for past one month, I am finally up and running. Last week was a bit crazy, as I spent the whole weekend binge-watching “With You,” another Chinese youth drama, I ended up being sleep deprived the entire week. I lost appetite and skipped at least one meal of the day. So after losing 2 kgs of weight in one week, I realized that this marathon viewing is not for people like me. I can’t handle insomnia, and it makes me emotionally and physically challenged. Finally, on Friday I got back to my normal routine and must say it feels great to be back in my own skin.

Now as we are here 15 days away from 2019, I like to reflect on my highs and lows of 2018. I generally share it on the last day of the year, but this time I will be busy spending time with my family during the season.

  • I watched a lot of food videos, learned a few new dishes like Pad Thai Noodle, Green Thai curry still in the process of mastering it, Dal Makhni, Matar Malai Methi, and last but not the least I learned how to bake, I always wanted to bake a cake, but this didn’t happen until September of this year. I finally made a banana walnut cake for my husband’s Birthday. It tasted nice, and I just got one piece to eat, this man of mine consumed the rest.
  • I started running. I challenged my yoga accustomed body to take up running as a sport. I love it when the wind hits your face, blowing your hair, the foot joining the ground in rhythm with your heartbeats, and then your eyes on the long road ahead. Once you start enjoying running, there is no turning back. Then I challenged myself to run for a cause, and it was cathartic. It took me two book reads, to start the runner’s journey.
    I read “What I talk When I Talk About Running” by Haruki Murakami around June. He is one of my favorite authors, but this was my first non-fiction by him. After getting charged up reading this book I read “Born To Run” by Christopher McDougall, and I must admit that this book blew my mind. It changed my perspective on runners. These two books gave me the much need push. The things that helped me keep going was using a RunKeeper app, where I coaxed a few of my office colleagues to join me. It was terrific, we all ran together for a cause. I also followed a few runners and runner groups on Instagram, which helped me to keep going. Though I took a few days of a break in between but ended my hiatus, today.
  • I finally went for a Vipassana Meditation course this year in July, I wanted to do it from last three years, and I finally did it. It was one of the most life-changing experiences of mine. Can you believe the talkative person like me didn’t speak a single word for ten days? Disconnecting with the outside world, no phone, no books, no writing, no dressing up, eating only a single meal, must say it was quite challenging physically and mentally. Meditating 10 hours a day for ten days brought me a lot closer to my inner self. I am glad to say I now meditate two times a day regularly and it has helped me immensely. I will share the link of the details about this meditation course here, and I will recommend everyone to have this experience at least once.
  • This was an excellent year for me as a reader. I surpassed my last year 45 books benchmark this year. I am currently reading my 60th book. This is the most I have read in a year, and I will share my best reads of 2018 in a separate post. Must say I am genuinely proud of myself for reaching so far.
  • I quit drinking milk tea and coffee altogether. Though I was never addicted, I started having these when I went for my Masters because it was a hill station and you rely a lot on hot drinks in cold weather. I started drinking green tea three years back, but I was drinking other beverages too, but this year I stopped having other hot drinks altogether.
  • I visited my brothers on Rakshabandan after four years, and I was quite sentimental about it. This was my first festival with my family after marriage, and I realized how much I miss it. Living far away from home has its disadvantages.
  • I went for a staycation on my anniversary, and it was a pretty fun experience — a break from the hassles of the life.
  • I woke up and saw this picture in my message box.
  • I have been donating to the causes I believe in since I started working, but this year I decided that I will give it where I can see how is it helping someone. So Sri, my blogger friend works for an NGO Swadhina, which works for Women and Children Empowerment. It’s here where I donated a small amount. And a few days later I woke up to a Facebook post from her with these pictures. I can’t tell you how happy and overwhelmed I felt that day, and I must say my parents have never been more proud of me.
    I never liked sharing details about my donations as I was brought up by a mother who believed in the saying “THE LEFT-HAND SHOULDN’T KNOW WHAT THE RIGHT IS DOING.” But then my cousin said that I should be sharing this news with others because maybe it will motivate other people to donate for the causes of their choices.

The year had some lows too, First my husband slipped from his bike, but thank god nothing major happened, except a knee and elbow injury which took few months of recovery. Then I got into my first ever accident but luckily survived with just small bruises. Riding a two wheeler in Pune in monsoon comes with these risks. Some of my friends also went through significant losses and problems. Deepika, my blogger friend, got in a big accident only two days after her marriage, she is now doing fine, but she had to undergo surgery. Another blogger friend of mine lost her husband to a brain hemorrhage. She is trying hard to overcome the challenges that life is throwing at her. My best friend had an accident, and she went through an elbow surgery. She is working with a physio, to overcome the impacts. Another very close friend of mine went through knee surgery, after three months of rest, he is back to walking again.  Then last month another Jennifer’s mother got severely ill, she was in coma and had to undergo multiple surgeries and treatments. Now she is out of danger, is recovering with the help of her family. I wish speedy recovery to her. Its been a tough year for my friends, but I wish that next year bring light into their life.

How was your year 2018? If you have written a Reflection of your year do share your link with me. If not, then you share your highs and lows with me.

“Let it rain on some days,
Let yourself shiver on some cold nights, 
So when it’s Spring you’ll know why it was all worth going through.”

15 thoughts on “Reflecting on the year 2018

  1. Except of those lows (especially with your friends!) you accomplished really much and it seems that 2018 was very productive.
    As for me I did not read a single book at all in 2018! This didn’t happen ever since I started reading as a child. For the past years my reading level went lower and lower the more work we had with our own business and taking care of the kids. By now we work most of the time up to 12 hours a day while managing the kids and our new dog at the same time.
    My sports went down as well which is really a weird feeling after being a professional athlete for several years and even after that doing daily runs or bicycling tours but it seems work really does “destroy” a lot in your life =/
    Anyhow I hope for 2019 to be an improvement and this week I was already twice in the gym which is a new record for a long time now.

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    1. You are right the year was pretty good for me, but then your friend’s loss also effect you. I understand having your own business and then having kids and dog needs lot of care and time 🙂 I think I was able to do all of these as I don’t have a kid. May be things will change for me too 😉
      Getting back to gym twice a week is not bad start 🙂 I hope next year is much better for you and your family 🙂

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  2. Thank you so much for your thoughts and prayers NJ, I feel so blessed with your positive energy. ❤❤❤ My mom is slowly recovering. Congratulations on supporting a great cause you made a wonderful impact on the lives of others! I hope 2019 brings you love and happiness 😘😘

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  3. Milestones of reading 60 books and touching so many lives with your works and your existence, Cheers young lady!!!

    The best is fighting back harder when life throws challenges – whether u go for a mediation retreat or spend time with family – what matters is making lemonade when life throws lemons 🤪

    M glad you kept your spirits high and there you are with another year of memories and more memories!!


    1. Thank you so much Anna ❤ Friends like you make the problem too small 🙂 Its always great to have people on whom you can fall back in time of need.
      Cheers to all the memories we have made so far, and to the one's we will be making in future ❤


    1. Thanks man 😊😊 12 years and counting 😉 some friends are for life 😊 you are one of them 😊😊 wish you a speedy recovery and bouncing life 😉


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