Gaming Parlors

I spent this New Year’s Day by going out shopping with my family, by family I mean all the ladies in the house, there are four of us πŸ˜€ with four kids tucked with us and one guy(my brother in law) to drive us around and take care of kids when we are engrossed in our tasks πŸ˜‰

As we were browsing through the shops, my three little nephews started whining about shopping and how they were getting bored with us. So we decided to drop them all in the Gaming Zone while we’re shopping. After doing all the shopping when we reached to collect them, they weren’t ready to come out. Then my seven-year-old nephew very smartly tucked the card inside my pocket and asked me to have a dual with him in the basketball throwing game. After one game, my sister in law also joined me, so now it was me and my sis in law who were competing in the game. It was so much fun, and we were so engrossed in it, that it was us now, who has to be dragged out, of it.

While returning home, I was back down the memory lane of my first visit to a gaming zone. I was twenty-one and in my first year of my master’s degree, when I visited my aunt in Delhi for a few weeks during my first winter break. My nine-year-old cousin was invited to a friends party which was taking place in a gaming parlor. My aunt was invited too, so if she attended the party than I would have been left alone at home. My aunt persuaded me to accompany her to the party by luring me to wear the new clothes we two have bought together. Parading myself in a newly purchased black jacket and red sweatshirt, I joined the kid’s party in Fun Zone(name of the gaming parlor). As we entered there, my cousin ran, leaving my hand and joined his friends who were already playing. The cacophony of the place took me by surprise, and all I can see was a plethora of kids running everywhere with their ticket collection. To say that the energy was infectious would be an understatement.

See I am a real 90’s Indian kid, wherein in the name of gaming parlor I have seen a big arcade machine with two huge joysticks for controlling the movement of the characters in the game. We use to pay two rupees for half an hour of play time. I still remember I was six years old when I sneaked out with my brother on one of his such adventure. I lent him two rupee coin from my piggy bank so that he would take me with him. The parlor was in the next lane to our house. Winter has just begun, my grandfather was back in town for his winter hiatus with us. It was around 4 pm; mom was busy preparing evening tea for grandpa when stealthily we left the house. The video game parlor was full of young boys and teenage kids, where they were yelling and freely cussing each other. My brother who was holding my hand till then felt a bit embarrassed by the act and let it go. He then asked me to stand beside him and watch him play, Street Fighter. He dropped the two rupee coin in the slot, then the came ear splitting noise from the machine, starting the game. I loved watching the game and asked my brother to give me the keys for a few minutes to which he happily obliged, which was quite surprising knowing his selfish nature. Holding those giant sticks, I felt the powerful controlling fate of those fighters. The shooting up of dopamines can be addictive at times, and it was my first time feeling so much excitement just out of a game.

As the excitement went up, we forgot about time, until the parlor guy poked us to leave. Dreading my mom’s fury, my brother left me at the door and ran away to play with his friends in the park. I hesitantly went inside, and my mom was sitting on the porch waiting for us, as soon as she saw me her first reaction was of relief, which swiftly changed from grave to glowering. To save myself from her ire, I told her the whole story causing big trouble for my big brother. So by the time he came back, his concerns were already raised to his Royal Highness aka daddy, which in turn led him being getting grounded for a month. And because of the fiasco, he never retook me with him for any of his adventures.

So after ages, I landed up in a Video parlor by courtesy of my little cousin who left me stranded with so many colorful funny sounding machines. I was still figuring out those machines when the mother of the birthday boy approached me and handed me the card. It took me a while to understand how everything worked, but the moment I figured it out, I felt my eureka moment. Since then I never miss an opportunity when it comes to gaming zones.

In fact, on my 25th Birthday, my brother and my sister in law took me to a gaming parlor for celebration. I was engaged by then, soon to be married and my brother decided that its good that we spent some time being kids again. The funny thing is my husband is just like me when it comes to gaming parlors, not missing a chance to be there and enjoy being a child again.

PS: Tell me your gaming parlor story, how old were you when you first visited it and how was your experience. Do you love going to gaming zones, how often do you go? Let’s talk about gaming parlors in the comment section.

26 thoughts on “Gaming Parlors

  1. I love your memory blogs!! And oh dear, what trouble you brother got into. I don’t think he took you for another gaming parlour again XD My best memory is of the time we went to Express Avenue in Chennai, where there’s this gaming section. The first time, we all played a game of Deal Or No Deal and won around 700 tickets, earning a lovely prize. Then the time after that, we all climbed on this earthquake ride that sored our muscles for three days XD The funny thing was, we were sore after the first time but then we were having so much fun that we couldn’t resist two more turns. We were tossed around the ride cubicle everytime we lost grip on the barriers, knowing very well there was going to be hell to pay for the following days until our muscle pain healed XD

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    1. Thank you ❀ ha ha πŸ˜€ yeah my brother is someone who doesn't repeat his mistakes πŸ˜› wow πŸ˜€ you guys sounds like bunch of wild kids like us πŸ˜‰ I think thats the best part of being a kid you don't think too much πŸ˜› you live in the present πŸ™‚ thanks for sharing your memory πŸ™‚

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  2. When I read the paragraph where in you included your husband. I was like wowww!

    My first experience with gaming arcade was when i was in 4th grade, they still surpprise and excite me. Cheers to gaming zones and the thrill that comes with it.

    P.S. Happy 2019! ❀

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    1. he he πŸ˜€ gaming as an couple is fun πŸ˜› and certainly gaming zones give you much needed adrenaline rush πŸ˜€ glad to know that you enjoy them as much as I do πŸ™‚
      Happy New Year to you too πŸ™‚

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  3. Happy new year to u too!
    And lovely memoir.. gaming parlors are always fun! Especially if one is taking children along.. seeing them brings out the child in us..and spending time with them is a great stress buster. πŸ™‚ The only worry is keep them away from mischief and fights πŸ˜‰

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  4. This reminds me of my kids!! When they play XBox or whatever I sometimes watch them go and it’s funny to see them compete 😜 They will want me to try sometimes but I’m definitely not as good as them which makes it even more hilarious 🀣🀣 Glad you had fun being a kid again NJ 😍

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    1. Haven’t tried Xbox or PS4s yet πŸ˜‰ but seems like video games are all same πŸ˜ƒ we can never be as good as gennext 😁 the only thing is just enjoy the moment 😊😊 it’s always fun being a kidπŸ˜‰


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