Dear Moon

#moon #yourstruly

Lying on my black couch
I peek at your bright face
I see you
Blushing, with love
The love
You are holding
Inside your mighty little heart
For the one you love.
It reminds me of our old days,
Your tapping on my window,
My coming out in the balcony,
To look at your pretty face.
Late nights,
countless talks,
And sharing everything
Under the same sky,
You have been my companion
in my lonely nights,
You still bring the warmth
to my little heart,
but when I see others
proclaiming you
putting your
mesmerizing pictures out
I feel sad,
As none of them,
Share their story,
It is like putting,
Your half heart out for someone.
You can never love,
Anyone, anyone
And if you do,
then I pity you,
Because love means
Giving all of you away,
to that someone.
I wish that the one you love,
Will let the words,
To declare,
Their love,
For You.

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