The Bench

#thebench #yourtruly #lakeside #memories #nostalgia

You and me,
sitting at the two edges,
of a wooden bench.
Nervous, hesitant,
still very happy.
Glancing sideways,
I catch your gaze.
I blush, and you smile.
A smile of victory,
on your face.
You slowly slide,
towards me,
closing the gap,
between us.
There are no words,
only silence,
yet we hear each other.
You let your finger slip,
into mine,
we look towards,
the setting sun
by the lakeside,
hoping for a forever.

Years later I sit,
on this bench,
my back to the lake view,
Thinking of you.
So what, if our future,
never met,
our thoughts did,
maybe one day,
our horizons, will too.

The idea of this poetry came when I was listening to this song from “The Fault In Our Stars” by Ed Sheeran.

Then searched my google drive for the the above image which I clicked a month back by the lakeside.

Do stories come to you while browsing through images or listening to songs? Whats your process like? Do share in comments below πŸ™‚

9 thoughts on “The Bench

  1. I will often “receive” a whole line, or part line of a story, or poem, in dreams/when my mind is in idle mode/in someone’s speech/on TV/in a book/in a descriptive thought of something seen. I jot it down, or record it, as soon as possible, otherwise it can be lost forever!

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