Be An Extremist for Once

Love someone so much that when they leave,
you become an empty vessel.
Dance till the time,
your foot starts bleeding.
Laugh until your mouth hurts,
and tears come rolling down your eyes.
Talk until you have exhausted,
all the rumblings of your mind.
Be Silent,
until the urge to speak goes away.
Sing aloud your favorite songs,
up to the time, you only croak.
Run until you start feeling,
the throbbing of your heart in your brain.
Isolate yourself,
until the deepest desire to be among the crowd vanishes.
Write all those hidden stories of your life,
that you fear would be lost, if you are gone this very minute.
Be Vulnerable once in front of someone,
Let them ruin your emotional wellbeing.
Set your mind on a play,
Then, watch your darkest fear getting real in front of you.
Be wild, irrational, stupid and crazy all at once,
Be the best Extremist you could be, just for once.

PS: A long time back when I was 16, I participated in school debate where the topic was “Excess of Everything is Bad,” and I spoke on Aff side. I am someone who loves being in control of oneself and the situations around me. But in past few years I have come to realize that being in control never saves you from catastrophes, life has its own way of taking the key out of your hand. I think its Ok to be wild and crazy, after all who knows what the future holds. So, today I changed by side to Neg side, just for once.

21 thoughts on “Be An Extremist for Once

  1. Love this piece. So well written. Very vivid descriptions. We all have passionate emotions within us. So agree with you that no matter how much control you have, you can’t control what’s to come. Life can be so unpredictable.

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    1. Thank you so much Mabel for liking this piece. I attempted to bring out that one extreme emotion of mine out πŸ™‚ And yes very true, no one knows what the future holds for us.


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