Just, Sometimes

Sometimes this world seems a strange place,
I go round and round in search of things,
Sometimes I find things that I never thought of looking for,
And other times I just keep digging, till my nails are filled with dirt and my clothes are soiled with mud.
Sometimes I think of people who left me,
Sometimes I think of those who stood by me,
Sometimes I feel empty and hollow inside,
Sometimes I feel so fulfilled that I burst up laughing with tears in my eyes.
Sometimes I look around to find a mirror, but everything seems like a mirage,
And I keep running towards it in despair and thirst for finding myself.
Sometimes I lose my essence in the crowd,
Not knowing where I belong.
Sometimes the craving for this belongingness takes me deep down in the well,
Sometimes I know too well that I no longer want to belong anywhere.
Sometimes I suddenly start missing people and places of past,
Sometimes I want to run away from all of it.
Sometimes I care so much that I will go out of my way to help everyone I meet,
Sometimes I turn up so cold that I don’t want to look at other people’s wounds.
Sometimes I am so, me that I wish that someone could know this real me, hidden inside layers and layers of expectations.
Sometimes I am so afar from myself, that I couldn’t see myself from my naked eyes, but this version is more loved.
Sometimes, just sometimes, I wish that someone could hold me for a second when I can no longer hold myself.

25 thoughts on “Just, Sometimes

      1. I can totally relate.. as I have been through this phase..i know I will again in future too.. There wont be anyone to hold you in the way you wish ( or atleast for me) because I am aware the fact “I am the whole, not half or full” Self dependency is the reliable choice in life always.

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      2. I get you here, I too want to reach to the point where I don’t have to rely on someone’s help, it just that there are some moments where you feel so vulnerable and sad about it holding it up. I hope to reach where I will stop needing people for my upliftment.

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      3. I feel relaxed to know that we are in the same boat.. πŸ˜‰ As i already mentioned, I am also in that learning curve where I am trying my level best to make myself self reliable

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