Writers Dilemma

I have a question for the writers in our community? Do you feel unease in finishing your work? I mean, does your heart starts fluttering when you know you are nearing the end of the story. I know this doesn’t happen when you write a story of 1000 words, but what happens when you are writing a novel? or a novella? or a short story of 20 pages or more? Do you procrastinate in writing the final scene?

I have not written much till now, and whatever I have written so far is not that long. I recently started a journey of writing in longer formats to test the water before I turn into a full-time writer. I wanted to see whether I have the patience and discipline to follow a routine to write every day and on a single piece of work.

Last year, I published a short story of 3500 words coming approximately to 16 pages, and it was where the journey of writing a longer format started for me. Writing a blog isn’t a challenging task, I mean, it is not easy, but it is not tough either. But when you are working on something you want to publish, it is a different ball game. You have to think of a plot big enough, your character has to be deep enough, and most importantly, you need to inculcate a discipline to write every day. And let me tell you that the last task is the tough cookie to crack from my personal experience.

You read so many writers’ interviews, blogs and sometimes talk to writers directly, and most of the writers would tell you that story evolves on its own. Very few writers have elaborate plans and use a storyboard concept for their writing; generally, these are fantasy writers. But if you ask anyone who writes literary fiction, they will always tell you they only had a seed, they watered it through their pen, and it bloomed into a book. Yes, there are still exceptions, a black sheep who might use a very different method.

So enough of my jibber jabber and pouring of my knowledge container on you. I want to listen your story. Did you ever procrastinate in ending your story? If yes, then why? And if your answer is No, then I must say you have nailed the game of abscission, my dear.

Please share your views and interesting stories in the comments. I am listening.

6 thoughts on “Writers Dilemma

  1. Great post, Neerja Di! ❤ I'm so glad to see you are writing longer stories now, can't wait to read them! ❤

    I really have to say I never delay writing the climax 😀 I have experience with writing in both styles you mentioned – writing what the pen demands, as well as following a sketched plot (you know which series this falls to :D) but I don't delay in finishing the book. Because for me, the climax is one of the most powerful sequences and if I give a break or deliberately delay, I'll lose the flow and mood I'm in, the one that culminated in constructing that climax. Writing it is always a different feeling from sketching it. So I write at a stretch as much as possible, swimming in the flavour of it 😀 Then I take my time with editing, cause we'll have different ideas with each time gap and I like it when I know the new idea of a scene or dialogue sequence sounds far better 😀

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    1. Wow its great to hear your view, then must you have nailed the game. Ok so share with me some tips that you do to keep your mind from wandering off. Like I have to listen to some music without any lyrics, to cancel out the world around me and to keep my mind on writing. Share anything that has helped you to be in constant churning mode, I in much need of it.


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