Bring the spring home

As I open my window,
my eyes,
fall on you.
I see you smiling,
up from the walls.
As I escape my door,
to knock on yours,
I find some of you,
peeking through,
the fence,
the passersby.
I envy,
the flourishing
gardens you adorn.
So I move closer,
to feel,
your presence.
Your sparkly eyes,
with a twinkle,
when I touch you
with my bare fingers.
Sitting on the crown,
your smirk mischievously,
the spotlight.
Bestowed by your charm,
I decide,
to ornate,
my place,
with your aesthetic.
So I bring,
the enchantment,
of the spring,


When the wind keep rushing and the plant slants in the direction of gushing rain, a fog surrounds you. As far as your vision takes you, there is only fog, and beyond it, a world untouched by these tiny droplets. You slowly take your palm out of the window and let it soak the weather. But that is never enough, gradually you take your face out. The lashing rain takes the burning heat away from your body. Relaxing the furrowed brows and turning the corner of your mouth upward. An electric wave of calmness starts enveloping you. Now you can focus on things beyond the heat of the burning summer. You see, the drops fly foxing on the black wires from one transmitter to the other. When you look up at the dark gray sky, you see a blank canvas. You wonder where did the flying beings go. 

Are they hiding beneath some shady surface, or still drenching themselves in the sky’s freedom? When you look out, below your window on an awning, you see a pair of pigeons, watching the rain’s dance.

They both are busy fluttering their wings. They don’t pay any attention to your cooing calls. You get lost once again in the beauty of nature and its various beings. 

Nature always has been an inspiration for writers, especially poets. Famous poets like Robert Frost and WB Yeats have written various poems on the beauty of nature. Nature can turn you into a more thoughtful and kind being. For me, nature has always been a force of calmness to my utter inner chaos. A walk in the woods has always decluttered my thoughts. The grass’s dewiness, the sun’s auburn beauty, and the brightness of the full moon in the sky are the zenith of zen. Yet there are times it so indescribable in words. I, at those times, start envying painters and photographers for capturing it to the nearest perfection. 

Nature has always been a healer. Whenever the inner conundrum drifts you away from self, take shelter in nature, but walk alone. Enjoying solitude while being in laps of nature makes you one with the universe. In the vastness of this world, you find yourself as a speck of dust. This realisation of being nothing makes you braver while strengthening your inner capability to accept the ever-changing real world. 

“I took a walk in the woods and came out taller than the trees.” – Henry David Thoreau

PS: The Japanese word yugen refers to the awareness that the universe is so profound that the emotions we feel when we try to contemplate it are too deep and mysterious to convey. 

Also if you are interested in reading poetry on nature which soothes your soul, check out Nico’s blog. His poetry has always helped me.

Three ways

Sitting here, in dark,

I watch you,

Bathing in luminous pale light,

You glow,

With sheer whiteness,

Like a moon.

And I ponder,

The what ifs.

Will this proximity,

blur your innocence,


The purity of your heart,

will snuggle me.

Does my darkness,

Holds the power,

To engulf you.

Or is it other way round,


your light will seep in,

Filling the hollowness of my heart.

Will this,

Crossover jeopardize everything,

Turning your world upside down.

But what if,

The world looks glorious,

Upside down.


How about,

meeting in the middle,

Where your shine,

Sprinkled by my grayness,

As a silvery beauty.

What if,

The dark of my side,

Will open the chain,

Of your phosphorous glow.


Is it that,

Somewhere hidden beneath,

All the layers,

Of our worldly views,

there is us,

In all our nakedness,


Twin bodies,

With just,

one soul.

Building a simple,

Three way street.

Gulmohar Galore

Walking past the vacant road,
in the blaring light,
of the mighty sun,
I see you.
The flames of fire,
painting the world,
scarlet with its galore,
I see you.
in words,
in the strokes,
in the frames,
of mortal beings,
I see you.
Bringing solace,
in the hearts,
of lovers,
I see you.
Giving hope,
to the lost,
giving desire,
to the found,
I see you.
In the arid plains,
you swoon,
like a danseur,
whirling your
green leaves.
I see you.
the zephyr,
whispers in your ear,
to let it go.
I see you.
Letting the,
the deep red petals,
from your heart,
in the laps,
of the barren land.
I see you.
Witnessing the untold stories,
under your shade.
I see you.
When your edges,
turn hues of red,
allowing love,
to seep in,
the vacant souls,
I see you.

Under the Gulmohar shade

Eggs and Beauty:Day 5of A-Z Challenge

“The most beautiful makeup of a woman is passion. But cosmetics are easier to buy.”
Yves Saint-Laurent

This one story is about a natural cosmetic product that went wrong.


It was lazy Sunday, we (group of five friends) were sitting in the backyard of our hostel taking the much-needed sun bathe in the jittery Himalayan winters.

I was cherishing locks of my hair, instantly my friend noticed me and said “your hair have become dried, they need a bit of natural conditioning”. I promptly replied her “Don’t tell me to apply henna, I hate it”.

Friend1:   I think we should think of some other natural product.

Me: Yeah, something that’s easily available.

A girl was passing us with her breakfast plate full of breads and omelette.

All (in unison): Eggs

We all looked at each other thinking who will go and persuade mess workers to give us few eggs.

Friend2: (looking at me): You can demand eggs, as you don’t eat it. Say I want my share 😛

Me: They will just give two. We need at least dozen for all of us.

Friend 3: Lets go one by one .

Me: They won’t give to all of us that’s for sure.Let me go and try.


Coming out with dozen of eggs hidden inside my pockets of cargo my friends cheered me up as if the biggest task was done. In a big vessel all the eggs were broken and mixed with bit of lemon to avoid the stinking smell.

Friend four was given the task of applying it on our hair. She wore small poly bags on her hand as gloves and made us sit down on the grass and started applying it on our hair.

We were so happy that we have got good hair conditioning for free.

Friend 4: After she applied it on her hair , she said” Some is left, what should we do of it”.

Me (jokingly): Apply it on your face.

Friend 4: Shut up, you idiot.


We all departed to our rooms after that, I want to take bath after an hour. As I was coming out of washroom I heard a cry coming out of my room. I ran there and saw that Friend 5 was crying and everyone was consoling her.

Me (concerned): What happened??

Friend 1(hiding her smile and pointing toward friend 5): Ask her??

Me (annoyingly): Will you tell us??

She (hiding her face): I applied that remaining egg paste on my face.

We (all laughing aloud): ha ha: D seriously??

She (accusingly): I thought you were serious.


We were laughing and rolling on floor seeing her face because it was as it is but with a bit of itching and redness.

PS: So tell me girls when did you did something really horrendous in the name of vanity 😉 Guys you can also join 😛

This my attempt for the Fifth day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 5: E(alphabet)





When nature unfolds its own story

I am a loquacious person only morning blues, traveling views, reading booze and writing enthuse can stop me from one of my favorite activity.

As many of you know, I took a small break from blogging world, to go home and celebrate Diwali with my family. Now that I am married and staying quite far from my home, this is an annual ritual for me. Dividing my 2 weeks stay between my two homes.

This whole stay meant lot of traveling, for people like me who are reluctant travelers, this was lot to ask for. But the excitement of meeting my whole family and friends outweighed everything.

These journeys are fulfilling as they give me lot of introspection time. They are meditative experiences for me. Watching people, places and nature is my favorite passing time activity. When, I am in traveling mode, I tend to avoid my obsession with Reading instead I try to find inspiration for my writing art. I am glad that I was filled with many such experiences. Slowly and steadily, I will unfold them for you all.

For seeing inspiration in small things, you need to watch out. That’s why since childhood, I always try to grab the window seat 😛 . Then the race was between me and my brother and now it is with my hubby dear, who is a tortoise in these races. But his fear for heights means a window seat for me without any clash on all our flight’s 😉

For the first time, I took a flight in daytime that was accompanied by a clear beautiful sky. The blanket of clouds took me down to my childhood memory lane.

For the first time, dad came home, from his usual 20 days tour, early. We were surprised how come he was early by 2 days then his given time but we didn’t payed much heed to it and got busied in unpacking his traveling bag to look out for traces of present. Whenever dad traveled to a far flung or a new place he used to bring gifts or some specialty of food item of that place. This time he brought a beautiful Saree for mom, and shorts for both of us. We were immensely happy with the outcome of our search operation.

Dad was freshened up by then and asked us the usual questions about our studies. He was strict with us, when it came to studies and he used to keep a close watch on us regarding it. When he was out of home, mom became his eyes and ears, changing her usual soften mode.

While serving us the lunch, mom asked him about his early arrival. To this he simply replied, by flight. We were perplexed by his answer. Because back then, in India traveling by flight was an unusual thing to do, only rich and high post people used to do it. We were out with so many questions for him to be answered. And he patiently answered them all.

But I still remember my first question back then.

Me: How does clouds look from there, Papa?

Dad: It just look like a scoop of vanilla ice-cream 🙂

Me: Wow 🙂 Hope, I see them, someday, that way 🙂

This conversation that took place a decade ago brought smile on my face. Thinking of the time, I so desperately wished to have that look.

I thanked god for fulfilling one more wish of mine.

Here are two beautiful pictures from not so nice phone of mine with amazing quote by Victor Hugo 😉

“The clouds, – the only birds that never sleep.”




Share your first flight journey 🙂 I would like to hear you all 🙂