Life : A rainbow of emotions


In the valley of our heart, around the corners, reside our miniatures.

Holding a gamut of emotional colors, with seven specific ones of different features.

The journey of life starts with the morning glory of yellow creature.

Standing out for brightness and happiness as its features.

Than comes the phase of vibrant and cheerful candy orange.

Bringing endurance, perseverance and strength in our lives for a change.

Cupid on one side and devil on the other,

Passionate red I am carrying zenith of emotions.

In the mid dwells the gardenia of lovely green

Growing, expanding and renewing the life’s dream.

There comes the turn of majestic skies, blissful heavens and ocean views.

Carrying divinity of peace to melancholy of Monday blues.

Oh my dear, now is the chance of indigo – the amplifier.

Deepening the intensity of bliss and becomes a sedating magnifier.

Last but never the least, here enters violet with feast.

Stabilizing, harmonizing and wining life’s wild beast.

Alas! Someday, sometime, somewhere we all meet our ends in this odyssey.

But before that just try to behold the beautiful moments of this rainbow treasuries.