A memory for my daddy

Dear Daddy,

On this birthday of yours, I want to unleash one beautiful memory that is part of you and me. I don’t know how much of it you remember now, after all, you have a terrible memory. But somehow as I am growing up in years, my mind wants to hold on to all the precious memories of my past. Unlike other families, we don’t have too many photographs of us. But I have memories that keep me going in difficult times. These memories remind me that I was, I am, and I will always be loved.

So please hold my hand, to walk back into the time when I was so little that you used to carry me in your arms and take me out for the simple pleasures of riding a bike.

The light breeze making my short hair sway, the rustling of our clothes against the wind, and the feeling of flying like a bird. You, me and our weekly Sunday rides, on your black atlas bicycle. The little me sitting in front, on the crossbar and you on the rider’s seat, taking us away from the chaos of the world we inhabited.

The roads awaited us, and we ventured on them as if we both were on a secret mission. The lanes were different each time, but the destination was always the same. The deserted road surrounded by Aravali range with big brickyards on the side, there stood a war memorial. Unbeknownst to many, it was a hidden treasure that you found for our outings. You would sit on one seat, smiling at me, and I would circle the memorial stone reading the names aloud. Sometimes you shared stories about different wars that the soldiers were fighting. You explained to me how the people named on the stone laid their life for the country we all call home. The little mind of mine would not understand everything that you would say, but it realized one thing at that time. The place of our outing is not a regular place, it was as sacred as a holy place.

At other times the two of us would sit in silence, each lost in musings of once mind. The silence taught me that sometimes it’s much more important to feel the same thing rather than having a conversation about it. After all, always talking doesn’t mean we are conversating. In that calmness, I learned to listen to my soul at a young age.

You gave me a precious gift daddy, and here I am merely attempting to preserve the memory of the beautiful experience you gave me. Thank you for the best childhood a child could ever ask for, from a parent.

Happy 64th birthday daddy, I wish good health and blissful days for you, in the years to come.

Your only daughter

A Morning Inside a Lift

Has it ever happened to you that you are in a very shitty mood and you witness something very amusing on your way, and all of a sudden there is a three sixty degrees change in your spirit? It did happen to me, this morning.
I am early office goer so by the time I leave home, my lift companions are mostly school going kids with their nagging and in a hurry, parents.
Why was I irate is a story for another blog post, meanwhile I will continue with the one, which changed the course of my day.

As soon as I opened my door, I saw an opened lift and my neighbor with her kid. She waited for me, I ran, and we smiled at each other, a customary way to say hello, when you don’t want to say it, aloud. I was zipping up my jacket when the lift stopped at the third floor, the three of us looked at each other, like who else. The door opened, there was a six or seven, year old girl standing, in her school uniform, calling her dad. She has her one feet inside the lift, the usual way, all Indians stop lift while waiting for someone. She gave us a sorry look, and we nodded at her. After a minute or so her father came running, and they both entered the lift. Her father first apologized to us, and then to his daughter. And the next minute the little girl started reprimanding her father for the delay.

With a very annoyed expression, she questioned him “What took you so long? “.
Her Dad( a bit ashamed) replied: I was wearing my shoes.”
Her quick reply “I take only a minute wearing mine, and you took ten minutes doing the same.”

The minute she said this everyone started smiling except her, it amused me to see a little woman controlling an adult. It took me back to my childhood, where I was that little girl with my dad. I had the habit of holding his hand while walking beside him till I turned seventeen and had to leave home for further studies. It was always my dad who used to drop me at my school bus stop. It brought the flashbacks of all those tantrums that I have thrown at him for all the unnecessary things which were once necessary to a little girl. I have dragged him to stationery shops the minute he entered the house because I had to be the kid who does all the things that a teacher demands. I had cried and blamed him for not letting me go on a school trip until he gave in, even when the cost of that trip was equivalent to my school fees for a month. He is still the only man in my life with whom I can fight irrationally over anything because I know his love for me is much more than his male ego.

Memories has that effect on me, especially the memories of my childhood, they make me laugh and chuckle at my naivety. A bond between a father and a daughter is a very unusual bond. A different kind of love that words can’t describe. So I share two of my favourite quotes on father daughter relationship.


I hope you guys too have a happy morning 🙂 and a great day ahead 😀