The Unusual Bond

#streetphotography #lamppost #tangledwithweeds #yourstruly

I was standing tall,
spreading light,
on the dark streets,
when you smiled at me,
from down below.
A dandelion,
so bright and green,
with the hue of yellow,
in between.
Slithering up to me,
to say a quick hello,
yes, that’s what you said,
but then you never left me,
crawling deep inside me,
engulfing my whole existence.
The seasons came,
your presence changed,
from orangish-red to shades of dark brown.
But you stayed,
even when you knew you were dying,
with me.
Our union was unusual,
one living and other a non-living,
sharing things beyond this realm.
The passerby’s pitied us,
Our friends called us fools,
But that’s how we were,
Two simpletons together,
Unable to untangle themselves,
from the unknown bond.
Believing that,
in another world,
beyond the right and wrongs,
their togetherness holds,
a beautiful meaning.