What is LOVE?

What is LOVE_

It doesn’t lie in giving a bouquet of lilies and orchids.
It’s when you give me a single bud of a red rose, and I preserve each petal carefully between the pages of my favorite books.

It’s not about eating at fancy restaurants every day,
Its when you close your eyes, melting away everything and concentrating all your senses by smelling, feeling and tasting the special meals I cook, only for you.

It is not gifting each other expensive things instead its when you ask me what I need, and surprise me by getting a much better version of the stuff I have asked for as a gift.

Constantly talking doesn’t mean we are conversating,
It’s about having that late night, nice meaningful conversations about our dreams while eating together at our dinner table.

It certainly isn’t about who first.
Its when we leave all our ego aside and take the first step forward in accepting our mistake and apologize to each other at the same time.

It’s not when you continually praise each other instead it’s about enlightening each other about individual human flaws and holding one another while on the path of self-discovery.

It’s not about doing all the things together.
But it lies in not forgetting one another even when you indulge in your single pursuits.

Big promotions, big house, a big car or a lot of money never constitutes to love.
Love is finding peace and bliss together in a place called home.

It isn’t only in waiting for significant milestones and celebrating them.
But also enjoying small moments and hiccups that you two face together on your way.

Its when all your insecurities wash away by being with the wave of love.
And you know in your heart, come what may, that your lover will never leave your side until death does you apart.

To fall in love is beautiful, but that’s just the starting,
The more important thing is to grow together as better human beings.

Love doesn’t have definitions, yet all the lover’s try to define it.
Find your definition with your lover because it about being two entwined souls in one feeling called LOVE.

To the woman, who changed my life


“However, how tightly you shut the door, there are some people who just walk in and change your life forever.”

This is how you entered in my life, breaking the walls, I erected, with so much zeal, to protect myself from getting hurt.

I can never forgot the day I first met you. How apprehensive we were, just talking for formality and not even making an eye-contact. I being the judgmental one, found you quite dull and boring, you on the another hand found me arrogant and unkind. It took us a whole month to accept our existence in each others life.

The seed of friendship got sown when our first internal examination date, unexpectedly stung us. Unprepared and alarmed, I found solace in your company. I can vividly recall that barren common room with a brown leather sofa sitting in the corner and a small gray television mounted on a small table. Each day we use to sit in different sections of the room by dragging that sofa in diverse directions according to our moods. We studied less and chatted more, making that room our temporary home.

For the first time in my life, I decided to go for common studies as that was my only chance to clear mathematics examination. I can never forgot, how seriously you took the role of a teacher. How perfect you were in your job, taking me through those horrendous mathematics lanes. Alas! I was of no help to you in computers as you were already good in it.

In middle of these examinations my first hostel birthday came and you never left my side on that day. You always took it on yourself to make my special day more special. My each birthday, that I spent with you,was splendid than the last one. You have a talent of making feel beautiful inside out.

Do you remember, how we started our beautiful ritual of having meals from same dish.

How, while standing on those long queues of hostel mess once, the idea to share the food from same plate struck us. That small idea became a habit. Never ever, we dared to break our beautiful custom, not even, outside our hostel premises.

Sometimes when I sit alone and ponder, the flashback takes me to those nights where we use to carp about every single person we knew in our college. How much fun it was, to be our real selves with each other. Those beautiful moon lit nights where sitting on those yellow balcony walls, we weaved dreams of our future. The fantasy world where everything would be of our choice. You know, I still linger on that memory where one day you lovingly promised me that no matter what, our friendship will last longer than us.

You know what was the best part of our friendship, that no matter how huge our differences may be, how shitty we had fought, how strongly, we may have disagreed, but in the end, we always found a way back.

The three years of our togetherness passed so quickly and even before we could realize, the depth of our love, the time came, to move over to a new destination. Destiny took us in different directions, yet no one ever came close to what you were to me. People entered in our lives and left, every time strengthening our relation, making us believe nobody would fit into our shoes.

We evolved together from girls to women, from daughters to wives, from friends to best friends. When I look back at my college life, I find many small regrets but I neglect them all because if I haven’t ended up in that college I would have never known that a friend like you and a friendship like ours could exist in this mortal world.

Now when we are a decade old, we are in different stages of life, we talk not that often, meet rarely but still when I think of a friend, you still top that list. It’s you who taught me the real meaning of friendship. It’s you who showed me that friend’s could be selfless. It’s you who revealed it to me that you can put your friend’s interest before yours. It’s you whom I still need in my low times. And I know, it will always be you.

PS : Darling this my token of love for being my best friend for a decade and ever.

Yours loving best friend


Roaming or intruding:Day 18 of A-Z Challenge

This is a funny and pleasant memory of roaming in garden without any motive.


It was a pleasant evening where petrichor was filling us with a slight romanticism.  It was my friend’s birthday and we were meeting after almost six months. Though it is not a long period but it could be when you have spent almost 2.5 years of hostel life together.

We decided to cut her cake in full public view. The decided place was Delhi’s Connaught Place central park. With lot of enthusiasm we sang birthday song for her, there were few guys who were sitting there with a guitar played it as a background music. Once the cake cutting got over, we laid our hands on delicious chocolate cake.

Now with full stomachs, we roamed around the garden searching for cozy place to sit and start our gossip session. In hostel life we lived my a motto “Aao behan chugli kare” (Come sisters, lets gossip a bit 😉 ).

While searching for sitting place, we saw all the good corners were taken by couples who were busy in their PDA. Than we decided that let’s sit in one such corner only, let’s see what the couples do. We took a place in corner surrounded by love hit couples. We kept poking each other in their directions. When they stared back we laughed as if we haven’t noticed them. This continued for quite some time until we realized that people won’t stop in showing their love, it’s us who need to vacate the place. As soon as we left the place, another couple occupied it.


PS : Tell me have your ever been a roamer who has intruded in someone’s not so private place 😉  ??

This my attempt for the Eighteenth day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 18:R(alphabet)


Leafy love and friendship: Day 12 of A-Z Challenge

“please, love, leave,
like leaf from tree;
taking beauty,
leaving seed”
Andrew McMillan


There was a time when a promise of friendship was made through a leaf. It lasted as long as the leaf last to dry up.


We were walking holding our biology books towards the park with a path full of dried fallen leaves. Two girls of 17 then who were soon going to graduate from school. Life seems pretty easy that time and teenage is a funny age, it make you believe that everything last for forever especially love and friendships.

We sat below the tree and opened our books. I took out my notebook and started making notes.

She (regretting): Oh, I forgot bring my notebook.

Me (surprised): Ah!! That’s bad. Should we go inside to bring one?

She (smirking): Nah..leave it. I will write on something else.

Me (puzzled): What else?

She (smiling): Pointed her hand towards the fallen leaves.

I laughed and she picked up few and started drying diagrams on them. After an hour school bell rang, we started gathering our things. Suddenly she picked up one leave and wrote something on it. I asked her to be quick and do rest of her practice in next free period. She closed my eyes with her one hand and asked me to open up my palm.

Me( irritated): What’s this?

She(suppressing laughter): Surprise. Just open up your palm.

Me(opening my one palm) : Ok.

I felt something light on my palm. Slowly I opened my eyes and saw a dried green leaf with message on it .

Friends Forever.

I smiled turning it and found

Apurva ❤ Neerja.

I kept my books down and picked up another same leaf and wrote the message,

Friends forever

in front and

Neerja ❤ Apurva

on backside and gave it to her.

It’s been almost eleven years since then and our friendship has taken a backseat now. Both of us settled in our own worlds forgetting the leafy promise of two teenage girls.

My favourite leaves are maple leaves, because they remind me of my teenage year’s favourite romantic movie Mohabbatein (love)

PS: Share your memory attached to leaves or autumn or friendship or promise.

This my attempt for the Telweth day of the A-Z Challenge.

Day 12: L(alphabet)


Limerick Challenge Week 8:Lost

Today is your special day darling,

Hope it is beautiful and charming.

I may be missing from the party,

But you should enjoy your Bacardi

The wish for you is,be the way you are, marveling

This Limerick is dedicated to my best friend, Today its her birthday, I wanted to write something short and sweet ❤ for her.

Because Once in lifetime you get a friend as loyal and as loving as you honey ❤


Three years ago I bought this cake for you on your birthday, here I am once again with this cake without candles, wishing you …….

Happy Birthday sweetheart ❤

Limerick Challenge Week 6:Feral


A feral child adopted by a wolf mother

To the pack of small ones, he became a big brother.

She named him MOWGLI, the FROG.

Surpassing others, he quickly grew up as a top dog.

He was a MAN, different from all other.

This one is for my first love on a man of fictional world. I grew up watching and reading him . I can read  JUNGLE BOOK umpteen times 🙂 yes I recently re read it ;). Every time I read it I feel so much of kinship with my MOWGLI. He was surely my dream man 😀 until I learned that he was a fictional character out of a wonderful book 🙂

So for you MOWGLI

This is in correspondence to Rashmi’s Limerick Poetry challenge for the year 2016, this is my entry for this week’s challenge

3-days quotes-challenge-Day 3

I was nominated by Gursimran kaur of Rum-n-Raisins .

She has beautiful perspective of life, wonderful photography skills and inspiring heart to motivate others. So if you haven’t yet followed her up, this is your chance to do so.

Today on the last day of quote challenge, I dedicate this beautiful quote to my mother, who is the reason behind my love for books. It was she who passed on this precious gift from her treasure to me. I can never thank her enough for this wonderful jewel.

For you Ma 🙂


 You may have tangible wealth untold; caskets of jewels and coffers of gold. Richer than I you can never be. I had a mother who read to me. Strickland Gillian


3 Days 3 Quotes Challenge-Day 3

As it is the last day of the challenge, I would like to apologize to every one on WP. If, somehow, intentionally or unintentionally I have hurt you, then a heartfelt Sorry.

To elaborate this feeling of mine, I will share a beautiful quote from the book  Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell which was recommended to me by my blogger friend Shruti


“And apologies, once postponed, become harder and harder to make, and finally impossible.”

Apologize and save your relation, be it with a friend,spouse, parent or a child.


To The Girl In The White Scarf

Dear Nimzy

I love to start this letter with a beautiful quote from Albert Schweitzer

“In everyone’s life, at some time, our inner fire goes out. It is then burst into flame by an encounter with another human being. We should all be thankful for those people who rekindle the inner spirit. “

For me WP was that medium where I allowed my inner radiant to be exposed. You have been amongst the first few who recognized the real me and from there on it has been a wonderful voyage.

My each post is incomplete without your likes and comments 😍 How beautiful is your each comment with a lot of hearts ❤ ❤ and hugs and kisses 💋💋 . We girls love PDA 😀 .

I never had friends who could write 😛 until I reached WP. Now I have my bunch of friends who love to write and read, just like me 😀 So this one of the biggest blessing I have received in 2015.

Now look how similar we are 😉 I can’t say replica over here because I can’t sing and yes I am not a big soccer fan. I just watch FIFA 😛 . But yes, we both cry like babies watching movies 😛 . Our favorite fragrance is petrichor 😍 .We are big foodies 😛 And our undying love for books, bonds us more stronger 😉 And the list can keep going on …..

But it’s just not that which tie us together …its your endeavors dear ❤

How busy your schedule may be but you take out time, to read my posts. What bigger gift can a person have than this one ❤ . A girl friend who can read your hidden emotions behind every post ❤ Though you are quite younger to me but when I talk to you I never felt that gap as you are mature enough to understand certain things 🙂

Whenever I come to WP and see notifications from you, I smile 🙂 because I know there is someone who cares to read me. Sometimes you make me laugh with your humor 😀 , sometimes you make me nostalgic with your talks 😦 and sometimes you bring me happiness of its own kind 🙂 😍

In the sweetness of friendship let there be laughter, for in the dew of little things the heart finds its morning and is refreshed.

You must have got tons of wishes by now, but this is a small gesture to show you, how much you mean to me .

It is a good thing to be rich, and it is a good thing to be strong, but it is a better thing to be loved by many friends.

Now this is your special day …so you should smile big..laugh hard and party harder …enjoy your special day honey ❤ May almighty shower you with lots of happiness and success . May you touch new heights of success ❤

Your bday table from me 😉

With Lots and lots of hugs and kisses ❤

The Girl Behind Black Hat