Prologue : Wolf Moon

I often wonder what were you looking, when you found me.
Maybe what you say is right, that you weren’t looking, it was like I came in your way and stopped you from going forward without me.Or maybe what I say is true, that we were destined to meet, the way we met. I think my version looks more romantic, yeah bit fatalist, but who cares.

But somehow, this one quoted line doesn’t quench the writer inside me. I want to have a story that paints the town red like Romeo and Juliet’s, but they have a tragic ending. And I am not a big lover of sad endings. However, the hopeless romantic that you usually call me desires quite a lively end. And then there is this reader inside me who would crave a different version. I can’t write what I won’t like as a reader. That’s the only rule I go by when it comes to my writing.

So the best thing would be to have an open ending, showing the marks but not the ways and allowing each reader to have their imaginations run wild, making the story much more fulfilled.

We all hold so many stories inside us. Some we share with one or two people, some with a group and some with none. But there are only a few stories in our life that need to be out there, in the open for the world, to relish, to devour, and to lose themselves in its essence.

I feel our story is one such tale, simple for those who believe that we live only once, complicated for those who live for the world and multilayered for those who live multifaceted life.

So with a lot of trepidation’s, I let my story breathe its course, to find its path, and to reach its destination. May all my readers find a part of themselves in this story, may it touch something deeper within you, and may you find the one you are seeking, knowingly or unknowingly.

“Who could be so lucky? Who comes to a lake for water and sees the reflection of moon.”
― Rumi

PS: This is a prologue to the fiction I started writing a while back, you can check Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. I will come with Chapter 3 very soon.

Silent Separation

Blue head and green wings,
A long beak to hold things.
Sitting on a long branch,
She was waiting for March.
A pair of black eyes were silently watching,
Her every single move,
Mesmerized by her astounding beauty.
The red feet walked towards her,
Scaling his tune, to match her groove.
In a croaked voice he said,
“Only a few days to endure,
Then the sun will shine breaking this raining spell.”
Together they waited for the monsoon to end.
Sharing their fears, they became close friends.
One day when they were sleeping on the big branch,
The intense orange rays fell on the river,
Making everything around them look better,
She seized the chance,
Flew hurriedly to collect the straws.
He sat there thinking, how to help her,
One by one the straw stack grew
To bring the best cotton from town, he flew,
Promising himself, that he will make her dream come true.
She kept building her nest with fervor.
Delighted by her progress,
She often broke into dancing,
On his favorite song.
The brown beauty was almost done
Its then, came the fierce storm.
Destroying everything she has built,
Leaving her hanging alone.
When the storm seized,
Shivering among the dead leaves
lay her soulless body.
A silence so strong,
A heart that mourned,
She felt so wronged,
By the one, she always longed.
A flying woodpecker noticed her wretched body,
Dragging the lifeless figure, to his tree.
He thought once she is well, he will set her free.
Little by little her injuries healed,
She started looking towards life with new zeal.
Thanking her saviour,
She bowed at his feet.
The crow saw the ceremony standing at the hole,
Making a silent exit, never explaining his role.

The idea for this poetry came to my mind when I saw this beautiful bird on my solo morning excursion to a lake.

Try to see the small bird with blue head

The bird was quite far from me and I didn’t have the bigger lens to capture its astounding beauty.