Challenge –Make your own story


Good morning every one 🙂

Let me start with …how I came up with this idea??

History In my post-graduation ,I was a member of a club called SAVI (Student Association of Verbal Interaction). The purpose of the club was to enhance student’s verbal skills so that they can prepare themselves for the life out of college. So there we use to have this story telling session where the moderator use to speak one or the two lines and then the other moderator use to point out any one to continue the story from there on. And then he use to point out the next then the next and so on until someone feels like to end the story. So the formula for this is be an active listener and a creative writer to bring out your own twist and turns 🙂

Present – So now my purpose of this challenge is to bring out that story-teller out of you guys 🙂

Rules of the challenge –

  1. You have to continue from where the nominator has left.
  2. You have to nominate only one person in this challenge.
  3. You have to write the story in next 24 hours.
  4. You have to write 100 words only.
  5. Provide the link of the earlier part of the story.
  6. You are free to end the story.
  7. And yes don’t forget to thank your nominator.
  8. Write your views about the nominee and nominator.

Story – Once upon a time their existed a wasteland in Patliputra. There lived a little boy named Aditya who was only child of Madhavi and Shankara. They used to love him a lot and wanted him to dream big and get out of this wasted land. But Aditya unlike his parents had some another dream. He wanted to improve and convert his wasteland into a dreamland where everybody wants to live. Aditya knew he had to convince his parents for this but he didn’t how will they react and whether they will approve this idea of his dreamland.

Here goes my nomination for this challenge :


Tejas writes beautiful poetry and he is one amazing story writer  🙂 Between do check out his humorous Jack and Jill strips which covers daily nuisances of a married couple 😉

P.S : Tejas I know you are a awsome story-writer but give it a try 🙂 Hope you like it 🙂 . Thanks in advance 🙂