Picture and Words

Some crave mountains,

Others love beaches

None of these are for me

Because I have thing for rivers and trees.

I clicked this picture on a weekend near a lake and while I was sitting by the lakeside, these lines came to me and I wrote them on my notes app. Then yesterday I happen to share this image and quote on my Instagram page. I didn’t thought of sharing it here, but in morning while having my breakfast on my office desk and simultaneously browsing through my Instagram, I saw my school friend’s comment saying that she will be sharing my quote on her page, giving me the due credit. She is trekker and nature enthusiast. I thought when others are sharing my work then why shouldn’t I share it here on my blog. After all, these are my words 😉 Now why I love forest and rivers, is a story for some other day, that I will share some other time.

Let me embrace you

Looking out of my window pane, I see a blackened sheet


With it, I hear an outburst… A sign that you are on your way

As usual, you are accompanied by cold current and a pleasant petrichor

I extend my hand out of my window to touch your gentle drops


Scanning my palm, I find pearls of joy

Smiling dimly, like a child who has found his lost toy

You brought me back the forgotten memories

Soon I am filled with melancholy

With it you too, slow down your pace

Giving me time to wipe my tears away

I glare at your tiny droplets with wry smile

Beautiful girl looks out of the window. On its lips an easy smile, and behind a window a rain.

Realizing that you are going away

But before you leave, let me embrace you for a while

Let me embrace you with tears of smile.

Let US embrace before, our relationship turns hostile.

Girl standing in rain with face to sky